An alternative investment is important to investors. Investors are continually seeking funds to grow such investments. With the high number of fraud in the investment platforms, the need for security, compliance, and transparency in these platforms has increased. However, many alternative investment funds are not transparent and are only accessible to the wealthy investors. Transactions in these funds are also hidden and open to fraud. The industry is also characterized by inefficiencies, and most transactions between the investors and the funds are still done on paper.

What Is DarcMatter?

DarcMatter is a fully decentralized platform for the alternative fund investment industry. Its goal is to provide transparency, security, and compliance in the global industry. The platform uses NEM blockchain technology. By moving transactions to the blockchain, DarcMatter hopes to improve efficiency and transparency in the alternative fund investment industry.

The platform was established in 2014 and has existing businesses that provide cross-border investment opportunities. Some of its clients include Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan among other global institutions. DarcMattter allows investors and asset managers to access alternative classes of fund assets. The platform has a user-friendly interface. It is in the process of developing a blockchain-based distributed ledger system that will be used for the removal of inefficiencies. The platform will also allow investors and individuals to connect actively which will do away with the existing international and geographical boundaries.

DarcMatter Alternative Crypto Investment Token Features

  • The use of NEM blockchain technology that ensures cross-border investment capabilities in alternative fund investment industry
  • Investors will be able to access fund assets in a transparent and secure manner
  • The platform allows documentation tracking for logging and multi consensus
  • Additional investment classes are distributed in the platform

DarcMatter Advantages

Global Platform

DarcMatter is already a fully functional platform with more than 1300 global investors. DarcMatter is also an award-winning platform that has won awards as the top Fintech platform in more than four countries.

The Platform Is In A Growing Industry

The fund investment industry has been growing as investors seek for alternative sources of investment. DarcMatter solves the challenges of transparency and security in the industry. Investors can now embrace technological reform in this sector and reap great benefits.

Ability To Provide Additional Functions

The DarcMatter platform can link P2P payments and enterprise solutions to financial institutions such as banks. The development team that is part of this project provides easy access to alternative fund investments to investors allowing them to reap high returns in the alternative fund investment platforms.

Transparency And Security

The use of NEM blockchain allows for security and transparency in the DarcMatter platform. Investors will benefit from proof-of-importance (POI) that allows for verification of transactions and miners.

DarcMatter DMC ICO Details

The DarcMatter token (DMC) is a utility token that will be used to consummate and process smart contracts to unlock investment opportunities. Investors will be able to run master-nodes that will help in the processing of transactions.

The crowd sale for the tokens will take place on 22nd March this year. 50% of the DMC coins will be available to the public for purchase.

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