Darenta ICO

The blockchain ecosystem is a hotbed of innovation, and is home to hundreds of forward-leaning platforms that are aiming to dramatically change the financial and online landscapes. One market that has recently been targeted by blockchain developers is the sharing economy, with many platforms aiming to bring to life blockchain-based equivalents of AirBnB, Uber, and delivery services.

The car sharing market, which is predicted to be worth more than $16.5 billion USD by 2024, is the latest industry to be targeted by promising initial coin offerings. Russia-based startup Darenta is set to launch an initial coin offering that will bring car sharing onto the blockchain, revolutionizing the car sharing and car rental markets.

Darenta Carsharing is an upcoming decentralized autonomous car renting platform that allows users to both borrow or lease out their vehicles to turn a profit from unused assets. In this article, we'll take a look at the Darenta platform and the upcoming Darenta ICO to help you determine whether it’s worth participating in.

What Is Darenta?

Darenta is a new peer to peer car sharing service that is completely free from centralized management or third party interference. Interestingly, the Darenta platform is focused on anonymity, and allows users to rent out their cars anonymously, or borrow cars anonymously, with payments made entirely in cryptocurrency.

The Darenta platform is unique in the initial coin offering ecosystem as it already has a fully functioning service operating in Russia. Darenta.ru already boasts almost 1,000 registered vehicles, over 5,500 users, and is spread across 121 different cities, which makes it a promising proposition.

Unlike traditional car sharing platforms, the Darenta platform relies on a democratic process to regulate users. Individuals using the Darenta service will be labeled with a reputation score that relies on factors such as feedback and other user recommendations.

If a car owner regularly ignores rental requests, for example, the car owner will eventually be banned. A car owner that provides their car for rental and regularly receives positive feedback will benefit from a higher ranking in search results.

Users seeking to rent a vehicle will be able to use the Darenta platform to search for vehicles via both a web interface and a dedicated smartphone application. The entire Darenta platform will run on the ProducToken, or PROD.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, ProducTokens can be earned by renting out vehicles, or by leaving feedback and reviews on the Darenta platform. By making PROD available for purchase in the Darenta initial coin offering, the platform aims to make it possible to track the condition of rented vehicles in real-time, enhance user experience, and increased the size of the Darenta vehicle fleet.

Darenta has already been in operation since February 2015, and has won multiple awards including the IT-Start competition, Era-Glonass Startup Eurasia Expo, and the GenS contest. Darenta also offers one of the most comprehensive and well-planned roadmap of any ICO to launch in 2017, and is backed up by an extremely detailed white paper.

The Darenta ICO Details

The Darenta ICO pre-sale has just concluded, and the ICO is now in full swing, having launched on the 7th of December 2017. During the ICO, 100 million PROD tokens will be available at a rate of 0.003 ETH each.

Darenta ICO Verdict

The Darenta ICO is one of the most promising initial coin offerings to launch recently, and is supported by an existing platform that already boasts thousands of users. If you’re interested in contributing to the inevitable decentralization and democratization of the sharing economy, Darenta is definitely worth investing in.

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