Newbies in the crypto world are often faced with various challenges. Apart from the fact that they hardly know how to navigate the initial stages, they also have to beware of investment companies that prey on their money. There are many HYIP companies that ask you to deposit money so that you can earn profits while they work for you.

They may sometimes be helpful, but not always. This is the reason you have to be cautious with the choices that you make. In this article, we will be reviewing DARTOB, one of the latest entrants into this industry of high risk investment programs.


It is a cryptocurrency investment website that promises high returns to their members. Their website says that they have partnered with many companies across the world to ensure that their customers make money. They also say that they have the most secure platform on which you can earn money.

For the earnings parts, they point out that this is guaranteed, and they even have a chart that shows how much you will be making at certain intervals depending on your investment. Therefore, what is expected of you is to deposit a certain amount of money in your account.

Explaining DARTOB Further

To know whether or not you can make money using this platform, let us investigate how they invest the money that you deposit with them. Leading financial companies have a clear network that shows how they invest these funds.

They will show you the companies that they partner with, the agreements that they have with them, the profits that they make, and the commissions that you get to take home. In this case, you only have the information about your percentage profits based on your investment. You do not know how much the company makes, or how they make it.

Investing in a crypto financial platform requires you to get all information about their operation. If they are keeping a lot of information away from you, there is every reason to be worried. They also should not promise extremely high returns when you know that the markets are unpredictable at times. You must be cautious when joining such programs.

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