DasCoin Blockchain has made headway this week with its blocktime speed. The platform succeeded in reducing its speed to three seconds, down from six seconds per block. This short and unprecedented transaction time puts DasCoin in a place of top-performance among blockchains around the world when it comes to speed.

The platform has built a solid reputation over the years and is now known as the Currency of Trust. This name is in line with the platform’s overall goals, which is to ensure trust in the form of digital currency. Further, the platform aims to improve existing regulatory compliance, transaction capacity, operational efficiency, governance, and distribution. Such improvements along the blockchain makes it a stellar choice to exchange and store value.

When it comes to the platform’s transaction speed, it is powered by Graphene technology. This technology is a governance system underling the full system, and it allows the team to modify system-critical parameters, such as block size. Essentially, the process is akin to real time. The difference between DasCoin’s speed and that of other platforms can be attributed due to the fact that most blockchains require that each server or participant to complete various software upgrades before developers apply adjustments to the operation parameters. Graphene has no such requirements.

DasCoin’s increase in speed came at the perfect time. The team understand that the improvement was necessary in light of DasNet’s active growth, which experts predict ill continue. Further, DasCoin is planning on implementing its own payment solutions in the future that will enhance the number of transactions conducted on the blockchain.

The DasCoin team is also looking to maintain its status by surpassing other platforms and this is a good start.

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