Following a tip from consumer advocacy group Trading Jam, who alerted the Prosecutors to possible violations of Poland’s Criminal Code, the district public prosecutor’s office in Warsaw confirmed a criminal investigation into the DasCoin Ponzi scheme.

The company is known as a multilevel marketing campaign being promoted by Net Leaders, a review site working to further the interests of the cryptocurrency and its operations as it ascends in value.

The announcement that was made by the prosecutor’s office on September 21st read:

“The district prosecutor in Warsaw on September 21, 2018, has been investigating under the reference number PO III DS 176.2018 regarding bringing in from September 2016. Throughout the country, a number of people are disadvantaged by the sale of goods via sales through a website (netleaders). License for the purchase of a number of products and services offered under the DasEcosystem system, including the extraction of cryptocurrency called DasCoin.”

As evident by the following statement, it should be clear that Public Prosecutors are seeking to establish whether DasCoin operates in Poland in violation of Art. 286.

“(A party) who, in order to gain financial gain, leads another person to an unfavorable regulation by their own or someone else’s property by means of misleading or exploiting a mistake or inability to properly understand the action taken. (This) is punishable by imprisonment of from 6 months to 8 years.”

This is not the first instance when DasCoin has gotten in trouble with regulatory authorities. In May 2018 had issued a cease and desist order to it. Notably, DasCoin itself began as a OneCoin Ponzi points clone around mid-2016. A few months ago DasCoin points were converted into a stand-alone altcoin.

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  1. Everyone knows that currently Poland is a country of lawlessness and the government is against cryptocurrencies. If Dascoin is prosecuted in such a state, it should be good for him ;)


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