The key to both acquiring new customers and retaining your current customers is possessing the critical data that can help you market to prospects with the highest propensity to use your products and services and help identify your current customers’ needs, ensuring their long-term loyalty.

The data industry today is both complicated and highly fragmented, offering a confusing number of choices to businesses desperately in need of this critical information. The existing data marketing ecosystem of data or list owners, managers and brokers is inefficient and often ineffective, costing businesses unnecessary time and money.

With the market for advertising reaching $591 billion in 2017 and $209 billion of it dedicated to digital advertising, the need for accurate data is only growing. Data is the backbone of the marketing boom, and has the capability to be the category killer.

What Is Data Blockchain? is a revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt the way that companies and individuals gather premium data. Their product will democratize data, making it more readily available and less expensive than the current methods of data gathering and vetting. The result is that clients can access specific data sets in a cost-effective and transparent way, collecting exactly what they need without paying for extraneous data. strives to provide a robust interface between the users and the data sources. They will create a single-point solution that will eliminate the need for multiple data vendors and layers of list managers and brokers that create inefficiency in the marketplace. The backend systems will ensure full confidence in data quality for the end user as well as transactional finality for the data providers.

What Data Blockchain Offers?

  • Empower: Empower data source providers to monetize their data and capitalize on the demand in the market.
  • Transparency: Their blockchain approach provides data providers with full transparency, traceability and auditability, overcoming many of the hurdles data providers currently face in the existing marketplace.
  • Confidence: The company’s vetting and grading system for data will build confidence between the end user and data sources.
  • Verified: Give business and consumers quality, verified data.
  • Simplified: Give end users a simplified, easy-to-use interface with a quick and secure payment system.
  • Technology: A robust interface between the business or individual and data sources.

Data Blockchain DBC Coin ICO Details

The DBCCoin tokens will be used for transactions on and be used to remunerate Data Providers. The DBCCoin token will also function as an essential marketing tool for as it will serve as the basis for the Rewards Program as well as incentivizing partners through a Promotion Program. These functionalities will be fully supported in the Smart Contract using Solidity

DBCCoin is an ERC-20 Token (with ERC-677 functionality) that is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply of tokens is 870,000,000 with 591,600,000 being sold. The Soft Cap is set at $10 Million USD and the Hard Cap is set at $50 Million USD.

Pre-Sale ICO will be held between 27th May to 21st June with the aim to sell 164.58 million tokens at a price of $0.08 while the Main token sale is from 27th June to 21st July with 257.42 million tokens being sold at the rate of $0.12 per token.

Data Blockchain Conclusion

There has been a trend of blockchain companies leveraging Big Data to provide marketing solutions. However, seems to stay ahead of the pack.

More information about the company and their token is available on

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