The purpose of the platform is to allow people the ability to take back control of your personal data. The issue with data for the most part, is that people are freely giving it away to larger companies like the social media platforms and they are selling to the highest bidder or doing whatever they want with it. But Datareum has now been introduced and it is essentially a decentralized marketplace for your data. You can learn more by reading the whitepaper on the company website and also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, BitcoinTalk and a couple of other popular sites.

What Is Datareum?

It’s actually sad how the world has turned in terms of personal data. Data providers are able to take control of your data without any worry. They then use your data to monetize your personal information and make money. They only release the data they desire for whatever purpose and make you take lengthy surveys to make money from it, but you have to take an unreal amount to make almost nothing. And usually there is some type of hook that makes it impossible to get paid. They claim to earn easy money, but that’s not the case.

When it comes to data requesters, you can make custom surveys. And reduce the costs of it by cutting out the middlemen. They then can sell your results to the highest bidder and use the money to fund whatever they want like advertising or private research. These are usually big businesses, private institutions and research groups.

The problem with both of these above is that you never or rarely make any money off your data while they get rich. And that is where Datareum comes into play, everything I listed above is the same with one exception – you get paid for everything while the big businesses don’t. You finally get to control your data and get what you deserve.

The decentralized platform is ideal for anyone who wants to sell their own high-quality data. And the thing about selling data on the platform is you can constantly make money while your data is resold over and over again.

The eco-system is an open market, extremely liquid and a place where all providers can go to sell their DTN Tokens on the marketplace or back to the entities who are requesting it.

What is the ICO of Datareum?

The ICO pre-sale starts in 23 days with a soft cap of $500,000 USD and a hard cap of $18 million. You can get on the whitelist right now to be one of the first to get the pre-sale tokens with a massive discount.

Who is Behind Datareum?

The company is run by a team of nine young go-getters, headed by Jorge Perez, the CEO and President. He has a verified LinkedIn profile, as do all the other team mates on the platform. Along with them, there is a list of advisors who are helping the platform move along without too many hiccups.

Datareum in Conclusion

The company is designed to give data control back to the people. It’s an open marketplace for people seeking to buy data, and the ones looking to sell it to them. There is honesty about the team and they even disclose the location of the company headquarters. Basically, Datareum seems to be a quality company that would be ok to invest into.

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