DataTrading DTT

DataTrading DTT is an artificial intelligence platform that aims to provide forecasts and analytics for exchange markets. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is DataTrading DTT?

DataTrading, found online at, aims to launch a new era of trading forecasting by artificial intelligence. Using the platform, users can access analytics and forecasts of exchange markets with open development modules. Those modules are accessible to anyone in the community.

The first round of the DataTrading token sale recently closed after launching on December 20, 2017. The second round opens on February 1, 2018.

The goal of DataTrading is to create a community of traders, analysts, and investors. These parties will interact through an easy-to-use platform. All parties can build and develop models to make better trading predictions. Someone with limited technical skills can build a trading model on the DataTrading platform, then use it for their own trading activity. Or, they can sell that trading model on the DataTrading marketplace

How Does DataTrading Work?

DataTrading wants to make artificial intelligence affordable and convenient for traders, allowing users to trade on stock exchanges without the need to study complex mathematical models or trading principles.

With DataTrading, traders can access a ready-made toolkit that helps them trade on different stock exchanges and beat average monthly returns.  Meanwhile, traders and developers can build their own AI models through the platform.

The platform itself is described as “a cloud with a set of open and customizable analytical tools for trading, provided on a subscription or purchase basis.” The platform consists of the following core modules:

  • Screener of financial instruments
  • Trading advisor
  • Scoring of ICO/IPO
  • Open constructor of machine learning models
  • Quality control of machine learning
  • A marketplace of trained machine learning models for use in market screeners, trading advisors, scoring, forecasting, etc.
  • External modules, including integrations with broker platforms
  • Blockchain infrastructure for transparency

Features of DataTrading DTT

Screener of Stocks and Crypto Assets:

DataTrading wants to help users pick the right stocks and crypto assets to trade. The platform’s screener will recommend a trading strategy based on the trader’s desired returns and exposure to risk. These screeners are based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Together, they provide forecasts on the future of the market.

Trading Advisor:

The trading advisor is one of the key services of the DataTrading system. The goal of the trading advisor is to help traders efficiently trade on exchanges with any financial instruments. The trading advisor monitors the status of the selected instruments in real-time, then gives trading signals for buying or selling.

IPO and ICO Scoring:

DataTrading will score ICOs and IPOs based on their value to investors. This scoring will be provided by artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning Model Builder:

Anyone can build machine learning models through the DataTrading module called the “Constructor”. The Constructor allows any member to design and test a machine learning model with no special technical knowledge. The developer can then use the model for his or her own trading. Or, they can sell it to other platform participants.

Machine Learning Model Marketplace:

Developers can sell their machine learning models at the DataTrading marketplace. The developer sets the conditions for using each model, including the cost of use, the subscription model (monthly, yearly, time-based, etc.), and the maximum number of trades that can be purchased from the model.

The DataTrading DTT Token Sale

The DataTrading platform revolves around the use of DataTrading Tokens, or DTT. These tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain and conform to the ERC20 standard.

The token sale consists of three stages:

  • Pre-Sale: November 20 to November 30, 2017
  • Round A Token Sale: December 18, 2018 to January 8, 2018
  • Round B Token Sale: February 1 to February 22, 2018

The tokens are set at a base price of $0.10 during the token sale. There’s a total of 288 million DTT tokens available during the token sale, which is 80% of the total supply.

The remaining tokens are allocated to a promotional fund (10% or 36 million tokens), the team and advisors (9% or 32.4 million DTT), and a bounty program (1% or 3.6 million DTT).

Who’s Behind DataTrading DTT?

DataTrading’s develop is registered under the name BigData Trading Limited. That company was registered as a legal entity on January 23, 2017 with a representative office in Hong Kong. The core company, however, appears to be headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine.

The team has purportedly been working on the DataTrading project since 2015. Key members of the team include Anton Vokrug (CEO), Alexander Gandzha (CTO), Li Yundzhin (Lead Partner), and Li Yungan (Lead Partner).

DataTrading DTT Conclusion

DataTrading is an online ecosystem where anyone can build machine learning and AI models to make predictions about stock and crypto market movements. With DataTrading. Users can develop trading models on the platform, then use trading models for their own needs. Or, they can create trading models and sell them on the built-in DataTrading marketplace.

To learn more about DataTrading and how it works, visit online today at The ICO is underway until mid-February 2018.

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