DataVLT aims to “empower the future of business” with on-demand data analytics built on blockchain technology. Find out what that means today in our review.

What Is DataVLT?

DataVLT, found online at, is a blockchain-based analytics platform that aims to provide enterprise-grade data analytics solutions secured by blockchain technology.

As the DataVLT website explains, “DataVLT empowers businesses by providing democratized data to those who are looking to grow internal capabilities cost efficiently.”

How DataVLT Blockchain Data Analytics Crypto Coin Works

DataVLT aims to create a data analysis solution on the blockchain. That data analysis solution will include features like predictive AI. That AI will learn how customers interact with the platform over time, eventually allowing the platform to predict each user’s data needs.

Overall, DataVLT sees itself as a big data analytics tool based on the blockchain. It aims to provide enterprise-grade business intelligence to not just enterprise users, but also small and medium-sized businesses.

What kinds of data can you access on the DataVLT platform? In addition to general business intelligence information, DataVLT will also forecast trends and predict scenario-based outcomes with predictive learning capabilities. The platform will particularly emphasize consumer behavior, including how consumer trends will impact the future of a particular business.

DataVLT emphasizes the following core features and functions:

  • Security: DataVLT uses a blockchain – a distributed ledger – to ensure data security with immutable audit trails.
  • Stability: DataVLT offers zero downtime without a single point of failure.
  • Scalability: DataVLT’s unique decentralized network model enables on-demand scaling.
  • Intelligent: DataVLT has predictive AI that learns your needs, then tailors analytics based on your unique preferences.

Using decentralized data ledgers, DataVLT will discourage manipulation of business intelligence data. Meanwhile, AI and predictive learning tools while continually improve the quality of the product and its interface. Users who interact with DataVLT will not need to trust central administration, especially when it comes to collaborations.

The ultimate goal of DataVLT is to create an end-to-end data information and management platform focusing on consumer behavior. Behavior available through the platform will be drawn frm fields like economics, sociology, and anthropology. This data will be accessible to all types of customers – including small and medium-sized businesses as well as larger enterprise users.

Who’s Behind DataVLT?

DataVLT was launched by Benny Low, Michelle Yeo, Willy Wong, and Irene Weng. Low is an IT veteran specializing in ICT systems integration, security, and infrastructure design. Yeo has 12 years of global business experience from major international brands. Wong has experience as a technical director with world-renowned animation and gaming studios, while Went is a Chartered Accountant with a background in IT and economics.

The company first announced itself in November 2017. DataVLT is based in Singapore.

DataVLT has industry support from the Singapore Fintech Association, Technopreneur Circle, and Access. They’ve also partnered with CollinStar, Leek, and TokenDesk.

DataVLT DVT Token ICO Details

DataVLT will launch a token sale for its DVT tokens sometime in the future. The Ethereum-based tokens will be used to purchase analytics through the platform.

Details of the token sale have not yet been announced. Stay tuned for more information as the token sale gets closer to launch.

DataVLT Conclusion

DataVLT is an end-to-end data analytics and management platform that tracks, analyzes, integrates, and corelates data, allowing users to make more informed business decisions. Unlike many big data analysis platforms, DataVLT isn’t strictly catered to enterprise users. Instead, the platform is catered to small and medium-sized enterprises as well. SMEs can access affordable business intelligence that allows them to compete with nationwide brands, for example.

To learn more about DataVLT and how it works, visit online today at A token sale for the platform’s DVT tokens may be getting underway in the near future.


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