Since the world of crypto has already seeped into domains such as fashion, marketing, social media, it should come as no surprise that developers are already planning on creating a dating platform that is based exclusively for the blockchain. However, before such a technology becomes a reality, there are certain issues that need to be creased out.

About DateCoin

DateCoin has been touted as the world's first dating service that makes use of “neural networks and artificial intelligence based algorithms” to help customers find their perfect match. The service is based on a working business model that was launched all the way back in 2015. Other important details of DateCoin include:

Good Market Share:

According to statistical data collected from user based surveys, DateCoin is a market leader in the domain of “pragmatic dating” in Russia. Not only that, this platform has also been found to possess the ‘fastest-growing audience’ in the dating market, and currently possesses a ”high average revenue” per user.

Experienced Team:

To ensure that this venture has the ability to keep up with the times, the core team that has been hired to maintain operations consist of professionals who have been in the field of “online dating” for quite a while now.

Advanced Technology:

As mentioned earlier, this dating app makes use of unique ‘AI models’ to help create a dating service that is intuitive, and user friendly.

Buyback Option:

Owing to the DTC buyback algorithm, users have the option to use native Date Coin tokens for making monetary investments.

Good Industry Experience:

This service has been in the dating market for over 5 years now. It currently attracts a total 500,000 users on a daily basis, and has helped over 19 million individuals find their match (over a period of 4 years).

How Does DateCoin Men & Women Blockchain Dating Service Work?

This application is quite straightforward and easy to use. All we have to do is download the mobile software (currently being distributed under the name Denim) and install it onto our phones. It uses the following process to help match users:

  • Only men and women that are monetarily well off are allowed to join this service.
  • All of the profiles that are submitted are made to undergo rigorous verification tests.
  • Using an advanced sorting algorithm, the app is able to find our match in almost no time.
  • The system regularly performs audits to ensure that there are no fake profiles or bots present on the network.
  • The usability of this platform is very high, and all we have to do is sign up and make the initial payment to start browsing through potential match profiles.

Why Choose DateCoin?

High Match Ratio:

When using this platform, users have a good chance of finding a match within the first hour of use. One does not have to endlessly sit and browse through hundreds of profiles to find a match.

No Fake Profiles:

What sets this dating service apart from its competitors is the fact that all of the uploaded profiles are made to undergo verifications tests to confirm the identity of the person. Not only that, this service also uses a patented “verification system” which ensures the removal of all bots and fakes from the network.


Through the use of ‘end-to-end encryption’ for customer data, the chances of any chats or exchanges being leaked are quite minimal.

Advanced Algorithms:

Through the use of special algorithms and morphological analysis tools, this app is able to determine and find men the most relevant female companions.

DateCoin DTC ICO Details

The presale will commence on the 29th of November, while the crowdsale will begin sometime in March of next year. In terms of pricing, we can see that 1 DTC=0.00025 ETH. ͵ In order to make a purchase, users can use either ETH or certain other cryptocurrencies.

From a token distribution standpoint, we can see that:

  • 65% DTC for crowdsale 20% DTC is reserved for the project team and is automatically blocked on a smart contract for 1 year
  • 8% DTC for remuneration of the qualified consultants
  • 4% DTC for marketing and token listing
  • 2% DTC for contingencies and 1% DTC for bounty campaign

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