Datocoin DTCN

If you have been in the cryptocurrency industry for some time now, you know it can be a risky business. And if you are looking to get started, then you should know better than to try any other option out there to test it with your money. But there is a way to go about it without taking chances, especially with so much at stake, look around for what is real and what is not.

Well, if that is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading as we take you through our honest Datocoin DTCN review to understand whether it is legit and good for you or you should stay at bay.

About Datocoin DTCN

Datocoin is considered a social networking and entertainment site. The new digital revolution has made its way into virtually every aspect of our lives, and Datocoin is bent on creating a revolution regarding payment solutions that are meant to target social networks as well as online entertainment.

The company is based on marketing multi-connector concept, including several decentralized online platforms. Users can thus play, bet, and chat with their favorite teams. They can also exchange cryptomonads on the platform’s exchange as well as play on online casinos along with exchanging goods and services on Datocoin marketplace.

Datocoin claims to be in the process to take things a little further with its Block-U plan, which is an online university. This program is meant to offer users an opportunity to learn to programme and creating ICO as well as fundamental technical and analysis. Teaching this plan will involve the use of a decentralized platform known as Datosphere, where the token official circulation is the Datocoin, also known as Dtcn.

That’s not all yet; Datocoin is aiming at introducing the first decentralized social network slotted for mid-2018.  Users will be awarded once they click on videos, Ads and fill out surveys, where the rewards will come in the form of Datocoins. So what is a Datocoin all about? These are an ERC20 compatible, a blockchain from Ethereum. Thus, to purchase Datocoin, you will need to have an account on Imtoken, Myetherwallet or Metamask.

Changing Your Datocoin

Reportedly, Datocoin can operate in Etherdelter and a few others, two weeks after the ICO process is complete. Another thing to ask yourself is how long it should take it to get to your wallet once you have paid. The process is said to take about 4 to 24 hours due to the manual process involved in verification of every transaction and purchase to keep errors at bay.

It is claimed that you can also buy tokens provided you have Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). The process is about sending the cryptocurrency to them, and then they send you the DTCN that are ERC20 compatible.

So, Is Datocoin DTCN Legit?

Once you step into Datocoin, you need to be very keen and cautious about what you are doing. This venture involves a high level of risk, so you should exercise extra caution to be on the safe side. We wouldn’t recommend going for this option since it has not been tested in the market and proved a reliable one. But if you are out to try it, then be sure to keep caution in mind.

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