Oscar Mayer Bacoin

Oscar Mayer, the American meat, and cold cut production company seems to have made a mistake by launching their promotional campaign called “Bacoin”. Now HelloWorld Inc, the Bacoin promotion administrator was hit with a Cease-and-Desist letter demanding the company stop the promotion or face legal action.

To give a context on the development so far, Keith Sizzle, an over the top cryptocurrency evangelist is pitching the “Next Big Thing” to capitalize on the crypto hype. His “million dollars” idea was to launch a crypto token called Bacoin which is backed by Bacon. It was not a “real” cryptocurrency, rather just a promotional activity in which customers can win free bacon. Things took a wrong turn for Oscar Mayer when they found out that Kirk Steele, a 27-year-old IT worker had already created a cryptocurrency in 2014 called Bacoin designed to be redeemed for strips of bacon, just like how Oscar Mayer’s Bacoin is supposed to work.

What Steele disliked about Oscar Mayer’s promotion is that it was intended to be a joke like their previous campaigns like Sizzl (Dating App for Bacon lovers) and “Wake Up and Smell Bacon” which is an Oscar Mayer bacon-scented alarm clock. Steele had much more noble intentions when he made Bacoin. His idea was to get a local Michigan meat company the attention it deserves. However, it was not meant to be and one of the biggest meat companies in the world grabbed all the headlines.

This Monday Steele sent Oscar Mayer’s parent company (Kraft Foods) a C&D letter. And commented, “I’ve been in touch with some local copyright lawyers to see if I have a case.” However, Oscar Mayer and their parent company look calm and composed in this situation saying, “We are confident in the uniqueness of our Oscar Mayer Bacoin promotion. We are always happy to engage with people over the love of bacon. We have reached out to him.”

It looks like this a battle between David and Goliath with Oscar Mayer taking care of things easily. The multibillion-dollar industry has offered to donate to the Geek Group which has sessions related to cryptocurrency and other awesome building activities. Their representatives are also sending the Weinermobile to Steele’s house for his kids’ entertainment and supplying them with some free bacon as well. Steele seems content with the deal and presumably, this should settle things between them.

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