DCentral Capital

If social entrepreneurs were to operate at scale, it is believed that they could tackle some of the pressing problems that people face globally. In fact, many policymakers believe that a push in the right direction for social entrepreneurs will be a huge milestone in problem-solving.

Various platforms are seeking to come up with dedicated incubators and accelerator programs underpinned by Decision Analysis for the different portfolio to boost the scale within which social entrepreneurs work.

One such platform is D-Central Capital.

What Is DCentral Capital?

D-Central Capital is a platform that seeks to build a social co-operative Venture Partnership that promotes the growth of emerging ideas and technologies through the shared knowledge of the Global Digital Community. D-Central aims at applying ethical approaches in using the blockchain technology to disrupt traditional Venture Capitalism by clearing its greatest shortcomings.

In D-Central Capital the digital community is at the heart of its activities as it applies a new and innovative approach to venture funding. Through a decentralized token fund, the platform seeks to redistribute profits to those who have the digital skills and knowledge and to smaller investors within the community.

How DCentral Capital Ethical Venture Partnership Works

The D-Central Capital platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain technology and decisions are made by involving token holders using smart contracts. The digital community is out to identify any project whose scalability and power to disrupt would be the next big thing.

There is no limitation as to whether the project is still an idea or is an already existing company that requires help to grow. The platform seeks to grow emerging companies to their full market potential and actualize great ideas with the help of its community and diverse founding members who pride themselves in depths of experience.

The team at D-Central capital have decades of experience exposing smaller companies to markets and helping them grow as they have specialized in using technology for business transformation.

The platform offers JST1 tokens to investors and holders are selected according to their skills and experience to become advisors and associate founders (non-executive board members). This ensures the growth of the token, fund and constituent companies and investors as the fund experiences a vast selection of skills and expertise.

DCentral Capital Benefits

The Venture Partnership platform utilizes the blockchain technology to deliver substantial advantages such as tokenized securities such as the JST1 which replace paper-certificates with tokens on the blockchain as a proof of ownership.

It also seeks to offer solutions to the fundamental flaws of traditional venture capitalism such as the illiquid and long-term investments with average market returns and the centralization of power and decision making to a few individuals and poor diversification of portfolios leading to high-risk exposure and multiple missed funding opportunities.

DCentral Capital JUST Token ICO Details

The tokens for the Crowd sale are being sold on the Waves Exchange (DEX). Tokens can be purchased via the DEX web portal, or via the desktop application.

Key Details of the ICO

  • Pre-Sale Start: April 16, 2018, Monday, 08:00 AM (GMT)
  • Soft cap: $5m
  • Hard cap: $15.4m
  • Token: JST1
  • Exchange rate: $1.185 per token (or 0.00148125ETH)
  • Project protocol: Pre-Sale (Waves), ICO (ERC20)
  • Currency: Can be bought with Visa, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Waves

Token Distribution

The JST1 tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 65% – release stages
  • 8% – bonus structure
  • 15% – bounty and reserved purposes
  • 12% – distributed among project team

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