While the blockchain domain is currently witnessing an unprecedented amount of innovation, many experts are also raising valid concerns in terms of the overall security of this technology.

What Is Dcntral?

Dcntral is an upcoming “blockchain based security platform” that makes use of specialized protocols to help facilitate the exchange of value and automated transactions for existing machine economy based services.

Dcntral Cybersecure Transactive Network Benefits


Through the use of an automated AI system, this platform is able to fully optimize itself, thereby allowing for maximum data efficacy.

Self Configuration:

Owing to its adaptive framework, Dcntral is able to meld and mold itself in order to serve the exact needs and requirements of its operator.


Through the use of a proprietary ‘P2P coordination technology’, Dcntral is able to make complex data tasks much more simple and easy to handle.


The platform ecosystem has been designed with the help of highly secure algorithmic data structures which ensure that no data leakages occur during daily operational activities.

Who Is Behind Dcntral?

The core people who are responsible for the creation of Dcntral include David Allan Cohen and James Barry.

David A. Cohen is a pioneer of blockchain technology, and has previously worked as a software entrepreneur with many established startups. Not only that, he has also worked in conjunction with CEOs, corporations and start-ups, so as to help them design and build world-class decentralized software systems.

Similarly, James Barry is a crypto strategist who has been in the digital domain for over 30 years.

Dcntral Taekion Token Conclusion

As of now, there is very little additional information that is available in relation to Dcntral. According to the website, more information will be released during Q1 and Q2 of 2018.

Lastly, if users wish, they can get in touch with the platforms core developer Dave Cohen by directly emailing him at [email protected]


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