The spectacular rise of cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin, has shown a possibility of flaming up the world of cryptocurrency trading in this 2018. While the best interest lies in making a profitable trading venture, more often the financial trading platforms offer less than existing features.

Apart from the abundance of altcoins and exchanges, trading platforms offer a daily trading option in the turbulent global market. Increasingly, cryptocurrencies are capturing the attention of the mainstream, and a large number of investors are trying to get an actionable platform for their trading options. Here, one reading platform with a unique approach to solving the crypto trading environment.

What Is DCrypt?

D'Crypt is a blockchain-based trading platform that aims to provide an actionable intelligence trading service with instant trades without the need for intermediaries through an aggregator system of info streams. The platform will encompass a sentimental semantic algorithm to provide users with the best options of coins and exchanges to participate in cryptocurrency.

Additionally, the revolutionary API cryptocurrency platform will use the in-house algorithm analysis to allow for complex trading through smart contracts embedded within the ERC-20 blockchain technology. The use of the feature provides for the ultimate trading environment to invest and trade in.

How DCoin Blockchain Crypto Analysis For Bitcoin Traders Works

The D'Crypt platform will become a leading crypto analytics platform that will integrate, provide and forecast the leading investment opportunity for the cryptocurrency traders looking for best exchanges. Users will utilize the platform's primary native token, D'Coin as the digital currency for the transactions.

The traders will access the D-Crypt Analysis, trading strategies, dashboard and the proprietary platform through the D'Coin to its potential users. The API will analyze the best coins and exchanges for integration, and utilize the appropriate trading strategies for each investment.

DCoin Benefits

  • Simplification- D'Crypt will work to protect the individual interests of the trading community and the clients
  • Safety and secure- smart contracts on D'Crypt allows for individual traders to secure their funds on the ERC-20 blockchain
  • Peer-to-peer- the fund's transfer will work under a decentralized mutual consent between buyers and seller, directly.
  • Risk reduction- the use of blockchain technology by D'Crypt facilitates recording of digital signatures to prove for legitimacy and transparency of the transactions
  • Broad trading options- D'Crypt allows for crypto buyers and sellers to trade in multiple crypto assets and receive profit.

DCoin DCO Token ICO Details

The Start of D'Coin pre-ICO is set for 30 April 2018 with a bonus of 30% set for the investment phase. Later on, the ICO stage will launch on 10 May till 25 June 2018 if the Soft Cap is achievable.

  • Ticker- DCO
  • Token model- Fintech Utility
  • Token supply- 2 million D'Coin
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC, and Fiat
  • Hard Cap- 100 million DCO
  • Soft cap- 3 million USD
  • Minimum purchase- 100 DCO

Token Distribution

  • D'Coin Community- 50%
  • Advisors, and Experts- 2%
  • Operational Costs- 10%
  • Reserve fund- 10%
  • Founding team and shareholders- 10%
  • Marketing, mining, and bonuses- 18%

DCoin Conclusion

D'Crypt is offering competition for the traditional industry within the cryptocurrency space. However, a significant downside is that the financial services within the cryptocurrency scene highlight multiple services, which means D'Coin could face competition regarding investing. All-in-all, the exploding number of players do present an excellent option for D'Coin to utilize but there are plenty of challenges to overcome.

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