DE Asset Management

Formally known as Darrell Emmanuel Asset Management, De Asset is on the first investment company to take an interest in the Cryptocurrency industry. So far, the company has invested in some ICOs with essential partnerships in the East and Southeast Asia, UK, North America, Caribbean and the Middle East.

What Is De Asset Management?

De Asset Management is a decentralized digital platform that seeks to offer ICO investment services to various interested parties.  The company uses blockchain technology with the aim of providing ICO owners agent services to help then go live on different exchange platforms. Currently the platform is in partnership with Crypto Exchange F1 Cryptos.

DE Asset Management Portfolio & Crypto Investing Benefits

The De Asset Management is made up of a team of experts in the technology and investment fields, which means they know what they are doing. Therefore, according to them, using their services guarantees users’ best services for listings, protect coin value and ensure limited volatility.

Additionally, the use of blockchain in all service delivery ensures transparency thus significantly reducing the rate of corruption cases in investment. The fact is made even better with the company’s plans to develop its Cryptocurrency fund. Through the use of Hada Dbank digital bank, users will be able to conduct transactions thanks to the $500,000 investment by De Assets. However, you have to purchase tokens in the underway pre- token sales to be part of this incredible journey.

Furthermore, the company has plans to procure Hada DBank Coins, which will take the industry to another level. The Hada Dbank Coins are currently on flash sale with 1 million tokens up for grab; 1ETH = 4,000 HADACoin. Therefore, just like this one investment, you also get to benefit from sizable investments that would take your business to another level.

Given the current problems consumers face in the current centralized systems of operations, the need for a decentralized solution is no longer an option but an urgent matter. De Asset management ensures you get all this in place through blockchain technology, which allows you to maximize profits while expanding the customer base. Through this, the interaction between relevant stakeholders become easy hence bringing back lost integrity into service delivery.

Some of the Live Apps the company prides itself on include; FuelDAPP, to deal with issues in the fueling sector and I AM InfoBEING for flexible communication.

Should I Join DE Asset Management?

Since the De Asset Management company promises to offer a wide range of services to ICO owners, it seems like such a good idea for those starting out. With the expertise of the team in the Cryptocurrency, technology and finance industries, investors stand to gain overall coverage in their journey. The fact that some success stories are going around gives this company the credibility it needs.

However, before you jump into investment, you have to weigh out your options as this idea is still fresh, so there is no guarantee more people will buy into it. Nevertheless, if you find it interesting, you might as well try it out for yourself.

DE Asset Management Verdict

De Asset Management has been in the investment industry since 2013 with a lot of success stories to its name. Its recent venture to the Cryptocurrency industry seems to receive substantial support in the HADACoin sale, hence giving it the trust it requires. We, therefore, find it promising for use.

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