Decentralized 2018

Owing to the fact that the Decentralized 2017 was a massive success as Europe’s first ever Blockchain conference that focused on the implications of blockchain technology, the University of Nicosia has organized a similar conference scheduled to take place on 14-16 November 2018 in Divani Caravel, Athens, Greece.

The University of Nicosia is a leading blockchain education and research institute and the world’s first academic institution that offers a degree in blockchain known as the MSc in Digital Currency as well as professional certificates through its online verification tools available on its website. Furthermore, the University of Nicosia is made up of a team that focuses its academics on blockchain and issues on digital currencies.

Decentralized 2018 Conference Nov 14-16 Event Details

The conference features overs 1200 attendees and over 70 speakers from over 50 countries, who will discuss the current trends and the anticipated future developments of blockchain technology. It will also bring together leading academic experts and professional in the blockchain industry. The conference will also feature over 50 sponsors, 20 exhibitors and over 30 media partners.

Decentralized 2018 Athens, Greece Blockchain Conference Objective

The main purpose of the conference is providing attendees with a platform for exchanging knowledge and innovative ideas and concepts about the impact of blockchain technology on the political and business environment.

The conference will also highlight on the effects of blockchain technology on the various aspects of the economy such as shipping/supply chain, financial services, government, accounting/auditing and legal and governance and the impact of technologies such as blockchain, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and artificial intelligence.

Individuals can submit their applications to become sponsors, exhibitors, or media partners through the official conference website. Similarly, interested individuals can also submit their abstracts on topics such as Integration of blockchain with other technologies, Applications for tangible and intangible assets, Use of Blockchain in Smart Cities, and many more.

Decentralized 2018 Conference Benefits


Through the keynote speakers, invited talks, panel discussions, and industry exhibitors who will attend the conference, attendees can acquire information regarding the latest developments in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


The conference will bring together like-minded individuals with similar interests from all around the world and provide them with an avenue for sharing their ideas or concepts, brainstorm or socialize and inspire each other in a suitable atmosphere.


By attending the conference, attendees can meet top industry leaders and professionals in the blockchain industry who they can network with and increase their professional network.


Through connecting and networking with professional, companies and organizations focusing in blockchain and FinTech, attendees can form new partnerships or explore partnership opportunities.


There will be over 20 exhibitors to attend the conference. Therefore, attendees can experience the new technologies and gadgets in the industry from the displays by the exhibitors and watch or observe them in action through the live demonstrations. The attendees can also meet the sponsors of the event for a face-to-face connection.

Additionally, the conference provides an opportunity to startups, FinTech and blockchain companies to reach new markets and to attract potential investors through displaying their products in the exhibitor’s booth.


Individuals can attend the event to relax from their usual business operations while at the same networking and acquiring useful knowledge and skills in the blockchain industry.

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