Decentralized AI Trust Alliance (DATA), Datawallet To Build Blockchain Ad Network

Datawallet Announces Partnership With DATA

Datawallet, a C2B blockchain-based data exchanged released a press release, announcing therein its partnership with DATA. For those who are unaware, Datawallet is a platform that gives users the ability to access online data from websites and applications and to store that data in a sovereign wallet owned by the individual user. Once a user has the data in their wallet, they are free to do with it as they please. As users can tell, this type of mechanism is one way to potentially get around companies’ own use of one’s data, such as selling it for profit.

DATA stands for Decentralized AI-powered Trust Alliance and the platform is a blockchain-based protocol for advertising and technology. The platform process the authentication of user and device data so that users need not worry about the release of fraudulent data into the mainstream. Additionally, DATA redistributes value, thereby benefiting end users concerning data ownership and contribution.

The partnership between DATA and Datawallet is poised to bring great things. The collaboration aims to build a user-driving advertising network. This is a step away from the current adtech system in which third party data powers advertising platforms. The data is then sourced without users’ consent. Unlike the current system, DATA and Datawallet provides users with the opportunity to manage within the advertising exchange by taking control of their own information. Users can also decide which advertising platform to send their information to and it may also give them the opportunity to earn from the dissemination of their data.

To facilitate the process, Datawallet will fulfill the role of a multipurpose DMP in the DATA ecosystem. Essentially, DATA will provide attention and reputation authentication, while Datawallet will match that data to various platforms, such as social, media, and e-commerce. Better yet, Datawallet is poised to provide both users and advertisers on DATA privacy perversion and permission-based advertising technology. Better yet, users’ identities will be kept safe as well.

According to Serafin Lion Engel, the CEO of Datawallet,

“The partnership between DATA and Datawallet markets a major stepping stone towards a fair, transparent, and user driven advertising ecosystem. It is because of the companies from different industries such as DATA and Datawallet working together that the blockchain revolution will fundamentally reshape the way our internet is designed.”

Those who are interested in earning more about Datawallet and getting started can do so through the Apple App store and Google Play.

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