Undoubtedly, the value of music, media and other files has plummeted due to technological advancements. Nowadays, millions of internet users illegally acquire proprietary content through torrents and other pirate websites. The need for a solution to these teething problems has intensified in recent times, as the digital era constantly comes up with underhand methods to bypass copyrights and anti-pirating mechanisms.

Decibel is a blockchain-based platform that aims to address the issues facing the media sector. The project intends to revive the media and music sectors by bringing in security, speed and security, among other benefits of blockchain technology. Hence, Decibel will provide an ideal environment for the growth of the media industry as well as a secure individual experience for entrepreneurs and artists alike.

Developed by content creators, the Decibel platform’s primary objective is to ensure the rightful creators of content get their worth. On top of this, the community has the chance to contribute in the determination of this value. Essentially, Decibel will act as the link between the audience and the creator, decentralizing the value of media content. Therefore, the Decibel ecosystem will comprise of musicians, authors, journalists, media enthusiasts, and so on.

What Is Decibel ICO?

The design of this platform is based on the media market. Currently, the open approach employed by the existing markets is the primary reason behind the leaks and content theft. Decibel will initially mitigate and eventually do away with the menace that is piracy and content theft. Using funds raised from an ICO, the project will then develop the necessary infrastructure to combat these issues.

Ultimately, members will benefit from a secure media exchange that is easily transferable using a designated Wallet Address. This will be made possible by the following:

  1. Decibel Lock file integration – this feature will ensure the secure exchange of media files over the Decibel ecosystem.
  2. Decibel Media – this is a vast database that perpetuates content, meaning that it will be available for purchase forever, long after the hype wanes.
  3. 1-to-1 media sales – Decibel will eliminate piracy by distributing content to unique Wallet addresses. This is further bolstered by advanced encryption algorithms.
  4. Integrated Media Marketing Platform – members can grow their reputation and profits form sales. They can also advertise their products through other members.

The Decibel Ecosystem

The components of this platform includes the Wallet, Exchange, File Player and Content Creator.

The wallet will have the capability of sending and receiving tokens. Additionally, it will have real-time market integrations with cryptocurrencies. Later on, the wallet will feature a media vault in which a purchased content will be stored.

The Decibel Exchange is a platform through which members can sell their content. Here, older content is sold at cheaper prices as compared to fresh media.

About Decibel ICO

Decibel token (DBL) is based on the ERC20 protocol and will be the principal currency of the Decibel ecosystem. The total supply of DBL tokens is capped at 50,000,000. Out of these, 30 million will be available to the public, with 10,000,000 going to the presale event and the remainder being sold during the ICO. Below is an overview of the ICO

  • Token symbol: DBL
  • Presale price: $0.20/DBL
  • ICO price: $0.50/DBL

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