You may not have noticed how useful multimedia are in our daily lives. You might have been taking it for granted thinking that it is just a regular part of your routine already. But what you need to know is that these different forms of multimedia are a great help in our everyday routine, and they are also instrumental in other important tasks that we need to do.

Music, as well as many different kinds of audio and video, are types of multimedia that make up us forms of communication that we widely use everywhere and in every minute of the day. However, protecting these audio and video files is proving to be a challenge to our existing online ecosystem.

Such is the case with data leaks, hacks and other malicious acts that occur due to failure to safeguard our digital multimedia. But the secure nature of blockchain is once again set to prove us wrong with the first utility token to help us encrypt music, media and how we deliver them.

What Is Decibels?

Decibels is a blockchain solution to how that intends to become the first Blockchain Codex Development to change the way we approach the media securities market. The project will revolutionize the integrity of our media industry by providing the blockchain networks security speed, decentralization, and scalability. Decibel will facilitate an ecosystem whereby it will integrate with larger public platforms and allow the user to share files in a decentralized manner. Furthermore, the platform will create a marketplace for the exchange or trading of these files within its blockchain ecosystem.

Decibels Blockchain Media Exchange Pros

  • Simplicity- the easy-to-use interface allows people to know how to initiate a transaction, uploading, sending or encryption of the files
  • Open-source technology- all the source codes for Decibels are open to the public upon request, and members can easily participate in making the coding more efficient.
  • Media partnership- Decibels already has a media reputation by featuring in several music magazines and can build upon this personality to attract music lovers.
  • Use of Recognized methods and algorithms- Decibels encryption algorithms and models are said to have proven success in past business environments.
  • An innovative approach- Decibels will ensure the latest implementation of market developments and continuously monitor for new initiatives to improve the ecosystem.

Who Can You Join Decibels?

The initial intent for Decibel was to facilitate content creators. Their goal was to help bring value to the creative content users while offering the community the chance to value the content in term of cryptocurrency. As such, any content creator can join in and enjoy the benefits. However, the decentralized nature of the media content means the ecosystem also relies on users or the content consumers. The target consumer can include a broad category of people or professions. The user would be anyone who enjoys the value of media content.

Decibels DCBL ICO Details

Decibels initial coin offering for their DCBL coin is active now through May 9th. The DCBL token is ERC-20 compatible and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Token distribution will begin on May 10th.

Decibels Conclusion

Media files are forming an overwhelming portion of our virtual storage facilities. The use of torrent or pirated media files has made it a challenge regarding the safety of the platforms. Decibels wants to solve the issue of security vulnerabilities that come with consuming media. With the use of the Ethereum Network, Decibels can prove essential in helping us secure a perfect ecosystem for the growth of the media world.


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