What Is Deconet?

The new platform is a blockchain and cryptocurrency-based system that is designed to help developers to create authentic software that is truly sustainable. And the development of the software also helps by automatically rewarding the contributors.

For anyone who is interested in getting in on the platform can go to the company website deco.network and join the waiting list to become one of the first people to know when the ICO will start, so you can get in on it fast. You can also join the community on Telegram. And for developers, you can register for the soon to be announced air drop and testnet that will soon be occurring.

How Deconet Blockchain Software Code Marketplace Works

The company is starting as a turn key, duel-licensing platform. The reason that it’s setup like this because developer and coders now have two options when they are creating code. First, they make it an open sourced platform, one that is better for community, but is more difficult for developers who are monetizing the system but still need to take care of themselves.

The other path would be one where they can start a business. Some developers be against starting their own business, and that could be due the fact that there is a lot of high-risk endeavors involved and more effort than most of them would care to deal with.

Deconet is the third and said to be, best option for anyone who is operating on the market looking for code. Developers who use the platform can do a couple things here. One they can decide to charge for the use of their code and then get rewards from other coders and developers, or they could put it straight onto apps and other websites and profit that way.

The purpose of using the system changes depending on who you are or more importantly what you do. For developers on an open source working on a supply, creators can publish code to the platform. They’ll be able to benefit by leveraging the turnkey for dual licensing purposes. And that includes the sales of exceptions to copyleft projects. Any developers who work on the platform to earn tokens that are used for keeping the network functioning smoothly.

Now, when it comes to software users, applications are built much quicker with more reliability when built on Deconet. This is said to be due to developments complexity to be broken down and reduced through the use of the versatile and up to date packages as well projects on the system. And to use them, it’s said to be as simple as using API credits usually is.

Deconet DCO Token ICO Details

The DCO Token allows developers to list their projects, participate in maintaining the network, and retain the fair value of their contribution. The token generation event is the same as an ICO and has yet to be announced.

Deconet Conclusion

The Deconet DCO Token is designed to give developers the first list to projects and help them maintain the network while participating in nearly every facet of the platform. Most important as well, to get them to retain their fair value of contribution they’ve put in. If you are interested in learning more about deconect, head to deco.network where you can learn more.


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