The Deep Virtual World

The Deep Virtual World

The Deep is essentially a virtual world that has been built upon DPoS tokens in order to develop a world that is decentralised and immersive, combining a gaming element with that of a social platform.

Essentially the aim is to claim a piece of land for yourself and build upon it by utilising Deep tokens, which are limited in their supply without having to mine them at all. You can utilise the gold in order to customise different features of the building and you can utilise DeepAPI in order to connect your own server.

Gold is a token that is given to you for free automatically as a result of having deep net support. It cannot be bought or sold and it is only to be used for the option of premium building.

If you prefer, you have the ability to make profits by selling your tokens or you can hold onto them and eventually pass them onto your kids. You can partake in a developing world in which you have the ability to be a delegate and even make a % off each transaction.

While a lot of similar worlds are limited and will eventually fade and die, The Deep Virtual World is decentralised and will last forever.

Some of the key features involved with this platform are that there is a limited supply of 100 million tokens, with a single Deep token equally a land area of 1×1 without the requirement of any mining.

Due to there being a fixed supply of demand, this means that there will be increased levels of demand. Therefore, you can benefit from this increasing demand if you become a delegate and start earning a share of the transactions that are taking place.

All of your buildings and land will be kept safe as a result of it being a true one-rank P2P world that means there is a complete level of decentralisation, as well as the storage being distributed when it comes to the complete territory and everything contained within it.

Every single of the owned buildings will be encrypted, as well as duplicated repeatedly by having storages on computers around the world of users utilising blockchain technology, as well as codes that are error-correcting.

There are no restrictions in place if you are thinking about offering certain services on your owned buildings and land, but you will have to make your own server if you wish to have management of these given activities.

The graphics engine to be used will be open sourced and will utilise primitives such as effects, models and materials.

The Deep Virtual World Ico Details

The pre-ICO sale for The Deep Virtual World tokens was based on ethereum only. This began back on the 15th of September 2017. There was no soft cap for this pre-sale, with the hard cap being 4000 ether. In total there was a maximum of 30 million Deep tokens that were available to be sold during the pre-sale.

The ICO itself is set to being at some stage during the summer of 2018 when the Deep Alpha version will be available.

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