deep brain chain

DeepBrain is an artificial intelligence blockchain driven computing platform. The vision of the people who created it is to provide a low-cost and very flexible, secure, plus private system. The system is essentially an artificial intelligence computing platform for other AI products.

What Is DeepBrain Chain?

The company will leverage off the power of the blockchain technology. They are creating a completely decentralized and very low-cost AI platform. They are also private and provide ideal products for all the needed facets of the industry. The token of the company will be called the DeepBrin Coin and will be traded on a contract on NEO. It’s a mining node that is incentivized into the system. It’s designed to help improve the functionality of smart contracts. The system is a decentralized neural network. There are next to infinite mining nodes on a global scale. And they supply all of the computational power that the artificial intelligence will use to meet on a world-wide enterprise to meet the demands of the users.

The mining nodes will receive DBC in lieu for compensation. The system’s fee for GAS is paid by each enterprise and for a cheaper intrinsic fee then what is normal. The chain by DeepBrain platform is also a data platform for trading that is completely secure. It will give both parties the ability to work without the fear of losing any data to reselling or unwanted leakage. The Blockchain Technology that will be used is in order to realize any types of separations of an explicit nature. Especially when speaking of data ownerships and usage rights. And that in turn will help promote any data in a major way.

Low Cost

The miner’s income will mainly come from computer resources that are being supplied to the DeepBrain Chain’s network. They’ll get DBC as a form of compensation when any nodes’ power is used for computing processes on the network. The system is then said to give different entities power when they otherwise wouldn’t have it.

Privacy Protect

Also, by using the smart contracts – people will be able to easily separate any data ownership. Not only that, but they’ll also be able to do the same with data usage rights and security protocols that would otherwise be transferred through the use of different crypto-algorithms and mechanisms.

Flexible Computing

DeepBrain’s chain used for computing can handle the demands of peaks and uses idle nodes automatically.


Also, some of the nodes that DeepBrain uses in the chain can be attacked by a hacker and the other nodes will still work well enough to stop any data leakage. DeepBrain ensures that the Artifical Intelligence will not be interrupted either.

DeepbrainChain Conclusion

The platform is using some of the best scientists in the industry to help with the development of the AI. There are other top participating people advising on the creation of the entire system. They’re the first platform to use AI and use blockchain technology together in a completely innovative and specialized way. They’ve created the platform to operate similar to Alexa. And there are literally 100s of clients that are using the DeepBrain Cloud Platform.

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