DeepOnion – Protection Anonymity Guard For Initial Coin Offerings?

DeepOnion – Protection Anonymity Guard For Initial Coin Offerings?

Imagine a cryptocurrency that focuses not only on a proof of stake (PoS) algorithm but also on a proof of work (PoW) algorithm. This is exactly what the creators had in mind when they made DeepOnion, a hybrid cryptocurrency that uses both algorithms and is fully integrated into the TOR network for ultimate security.

What Is Deeponion?

The cryptocurrency was launched in July of 2017. The estimated amount of coins is expected to reach about 25 million Onions, the given name to DeepOnion coins, in about 10 years.

The developers of DeepOnion decided that it would be healthier for both the community and the success of their cryptocurrency to pre-mine the currency instead of implementing an ICO. This way the developer team would be on the same level with the community instead of being completely risk-free and become disconnected from others who are willing to contribute to the currencies development.

Deeponion Investment Plans

The DeepOnion team has some pretty interesting ideas about how they will increase the value of Onions. First we should mention that there is a free airdrop involved, a distribution of free Onions to members who decide to apply on The applicants will be carefully scrutinized and their acceptance into the airdrop pool will be based on their account.

There are many limitations as to who can participate in the airdrop and who will not be eligible. Here are a few reasons why you might NOT be able to be a part of the DeepOnion airdrop:

  • Accounts registered after Sep 1, 2017 do not qualify.
  • Copy paste posts will disqualify you from the airdrop.
  • Low quality posters, one line posters, suspected stolen accounts, and idle accounts are all banned.

Deeponion Benefits

There are many reasons to choose one cryptocurrency over another, but DeepOnion is offering some benefits that stand out and will possibly be an excellent reason to invest into Onions.


Because DeepOnion is using the TOR, your IP address is never exposed on the network. This offers absolute anonymity and security.


Unlike other cryptocurrency payments, the DeepOnion network makes your payments invisible. Your payments can’t be traced by anyone.


Many currencies have a tendency to run out of steam and eventually stop enhancing their network. This will not be the case with DeepOnion. Their developer team will continue to release new and improved usability features, as well as improve stability and security.


No more waiting half an hour for transaction confirmation. DeepOnion confirmations are fast, which enables you to send and receive money with fantastic speeds, unlike other currencies.

Helping TOR Network

Working with DeepOnion means that you will be using the TOR network, which means you will help increase the amount of nodes on that network and you will be helping people around the world stay anonymous online.

How To Reach Out

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Deeponion Conclusion

DeepOnion is certainly a unique cryptocurrency. We think that one of the major benefits that it offers over other currencies is complete anonymity because of the TOR network. This total security can make a huge difference in the success of any cryptocurrency. Their dedication to the community and carefully engineered timeline ensure us that this cryptocurrency will be successful in the future.

Note: We want you to know we are a safe haven for all bitcoin & cryptocurrency multipliers, tumblers, mixers, mining pools and HYIPs – if any bitcoin scam has happened regarding this program, please let us know in the comments as our internal investigation is still ongoing.

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