DeepWater Treasure Recovery & Exploration DWT ICO Token Review

Investors have always been interested in two main aspects of deep-water explorations. One of these aspects is shipwrecks and sunken treasures. According to various estimates, there are over 100,000 ships lost at sea with trillions of dollars’ worth of cargo onboard. The other aspect is deep-sea mining. It is estimated that the oceans hold thousands of times more resources than anything found on the continents.

Thus, it would appear that the seas and oceans have great investment potential. However, the current exploration methods pose a serious threat to business development. The result is that most exploratory expeditions usually return to shore empty-handed. However, imagine if it was possible to eliminate these errors from the equation.

That is exactly what developers of this blockchain project aim to achieve. If the errors were eliminated, both large and small exploration companies would take a keen interest and purchase millions of kilometers of seabed. Tens of thousands of explorers would be able to purchase information about coordinates of discovered shipwrecks and mineral resources.

How the DeepWater Project will Work

The DeepWater team is going to analyze this data and present it to the DeepWater market. The team has been working on the development of a system to collect and analyze data for a while now. They have managed to connect their existing technology to AI. To collect data, the team will rely on gliders that scan the ocean floor for various anomalies. The AI-powered will then learn, over time, to identify various patterns. With their specialized AI, they estimate that they can increase recognition by up to 98%.

Their Area of Focus

Initially, the team will focus on the ancient trade routes between the Old World and the New World in the Caribbean Sea. They will also scan the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans along the old trade routes. With this data, they will create a database of mineral resources and shipwrecks.

All the data will be sold on DeepWater Market to willing buyers from anywhere in the world. To ensure the integrity of data, this is where the blockchain will come in. It will help the team to secure data to ensure it remains of high quality. Only the buyer will be able to access the coordinates of the precious spots. Even the DeepWater team will not have access to this data. The team estimates that they will be able to recover a ship or two annually from their exploits.

They have utilized a team of robotics experts, systems engineers, and developers to bring this project to life. They already have working technology that is three years ahead of anything, which the competition has. However, to bring their dream to life, they need to build a massive fleet that can explore the oceans of the world.

The DeepWater Treasure Recovery & Exploration DWT ICO Token Sale

This is why they are conducting a token sale based on the Ethereuem blockchain. The sale has a hard cap of $282 million and a soft cap of $34 million. The DWT token is an ERC20 token.


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