DeFund Project

Although facing a lot of criticism, blockchain technology is fast becoming an innovation that is slowly gaining trust among many people in the society. Proponents of the technology argue that blockchain role as an immutable public ledger can help secure investment entities among the public or private sector.

Though many investors are finding blockchain as impenetrable technical jargon, there is an understanding as to just how cryptocurrency could have potential applications in venture capital and investment funding. Defund is an upcoming venture that has found a brisk experience to test the use of blockchain technology for overnight investment

What Is Defund Project?

Defund is a blockchain project that intends to create a decentralized investment fund where the investors get to invest in a clear and transparent manner. Under the use of Ethereum blockchain, DEFUND will accommodate the financial aspects of a cryptocurrency that is accessible for funding securely and understandably. Overall, Defund seeks to eliminate the use of intermediaries for investment funding and offer an independent platform for the financing of our future investment packages.

DeFund Project Benefits

  • Security- by using blockchain technology, Defund creates a publicly-accessible digital ledger that is preferably a digital safe-deposit box for their investing
  • Decentralization- since blockchain is a sequential chain of data blocks, the Defund investment fund I, therefore, a distributed platform with the users in charge
  • Rights management- Defund offers different investment strategies, and the user gets to choose how the cryptocurrency fund get into use
  • P2P e-commerce- the capability with decentralization Defund might go beyond the notion of investment funding and bring on e-commerce potentially threatening existing platform

DeFund Project XDF Token & ICO Details

Defund implies a concept of simplifying the investment process by providing their cryptocurrency fund that will also delve into investment strategies for ICOs. The platform token is the Defund Token with the symbol XDF. As a utility token for the Defund platform, the crypto will make it possible for the user to choose and finance them in the investment packages.

However, the Defund token is not a purely speculative asset like another crypto. Presumably, the Defund platform will not only sell a part of their coin lot and withhold another amount for more extended periods. Additionally, the investment products will feature the token paying for different services.


  • Start- 16 July, 2018
  • End- 31 July, 2018
  • 1 ETH= 53,000 XDF

Minimum purchase- 0.05 ETH (53,000 XDF)


  • Start- 7 August, 2018
  • End- 6 September, 2018
  • 1 ETH= 38,000 XDF
  • Minimum investment- 0.05 ETH (1,900 XDF

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token -XDF
  • Pre-ICO Price- 1 ETH = 53,000 XDF
  • Price- 1 ETH = 38,000 XDF
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepting- ETH
  • Minimum investment- 0.05 ETH
  • Soft cap- 2,219 ETH
  • Hard cap- 11,097 ETH

Token Distribution

  • Pre-sale contributors- 100,000,000 XDF
  • Defund team members- 50,000,000 XDF
  • Crowdsale contributors- 350,000,000 XDF

DeFund Project Conclusion

As the financial world evolves, there is an increasing range of blockchain-based investment opportunities that we should expect to emerge. Defund aims to capitalize on this fact and the surety that comes with blockchain it looks like the project could potentially attract investors. However, I would not foresee such a scenario since the project is relatively new to the development team seeming less experienced to handle the potential magnitude of the project.

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