What Is Deimos?

Deimos is a cryptocurrency that focuses on Mars exploration. The project plans to finance startup projects to send missions to explore Mars and possibly other planets.

The peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is still under development. Its focus is on space exploration technologies. The platform hopes to be the payment platform that will be used by future Martian people. The platform will allow Mars citizens to buy interplanetary items via Amazon prime or even purchase a ticket to visit their families on earth.

Due to the use of blockchain technology, the transaction fees will be almost zero. The platform will also process transactions in seconds.

The developers are encouraged by other interplanetary successful projects including SpaceX and Blue Origin. Deimos is working on coming up with their own payment system where users will be able to use the system to accept Deimos or to exchange DEI for USD, DGB, EUR or LTC.

Deimos Mars Space Exploration Cryptocurrency Features

Advanced Difficulty Stability

Difficulty adjustments protect the blockchain from malicious attacks. Deimos will use DigiShield and MultiShield to make its blockchain the most stable globally.

5 Mining Algorithms

The platform uses five advanced and secure cryptographic mining algorithms to protect against mining centralization.

30 Seconds Block

Deimos block speed is at 30 seconds block timings.


Since Deimos believe in a decentralized world, the platform is not launching any ICO to fund its development. Donations are accepted to support the project.

Deimos Lottery

Those interested in the platform can join the Deimos lottery that currently has a pot size of 26,001.00 DEI. Once you enter your address where you expect your winnings to be sent, you will be expected to send 200 DEI to an address provided to you. For every 200 DEI a user sends, they get one entry into the draw.

The winner is randomly selected. If you win, you get 99% of the pot while the remaining 1% is retained by the platform to support the lottery.

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