The essence of human life largely depends on the decision we make on a daily basis. Whereas some people believe that the planet is what it’s today because of our efforts, some think it takes divine intervention to be where we are today. However, as much as there are so many other conflicting interests among humans, there is one thing that we all tend to agree on and that’s the vital role food plays in our lives. Can you imagine a life without the smell of your favorite meal? Would you be productive without the energy supply of food?

However, as much as food is part of us, there is a lot of wastage taking place in that sector, a reason as to why we have so many starving individuals globally. Hence, there is a need to think of a solution to ensure sustainability that the current centralized systems cannot seem to provide. And thus comes Delicia.

What Is Delicia?

Delicia is a decentralized blockchain based global food network that works to offer solutions to the global food wastage menace. The platform would ensure proper food utilization optimization, which would eliminate food wastage by ensuring easy access and affordability of quality food to all individuals.

Delicia Features of Delicia

Developers of the Delicia platform plan to make available the following tools to help users in food management;

  • An artificial intelligence App for locating affordable quality food
  • Food inventory and consumption inventory
  • Building buyer/seller reputations through rating
  • Publishing on-going deals
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Multi-purpose DFT (food token) for secure transactions
  • An ecosystem for food suppliers, buyers, and consumers with no intermediaries

There will also be real-time analytics, offers, and promotions on near expiry food offers and excess quality food. Sellers can also schedule Bill reports and determine pricing models.

How Delicia Blockchain Food Value Chain Network Works

Users on the Delicia platform would gain access to the free, user-friendly Delicia App, that would enable them to transact using the DFT tokens. The ecosystem would operate on a cashless basis with buyers making food-related payments inform of tokens while sellers use the App to publish available foodstuffs. The App allows local-based searches and customized searches for food, people, and restaurants.

Buyers receive notification whenever sellers publish food in their regions depending on their preference settings. Sellers pay transaction fees in the form of tokens, with a mandate to give away excess food needy consumers.

Delicia DFT Token ICO Details

The Delicia platform will make use of the crowdsale and token creation whereby there will be a maximum of 10 Billion token supply, a hard cap of $33 Million, soft cap of $5 Million and $0.01 per DTF. The token allocation would include; Bounty and Airdrop 5%, Legal 5%, expansion 10%, Team 25%, marketing 12%, reserves 10% and token sale 33%.

On the other hand, the fund allocation would be 20% expansion, 10% operations, 55% development and 15 % marketing.

Delicia Conclusion

At a glance, the Delicia ICO seems like a great investment opportunity for those with interest in the food sector. However, despite its pros, you should be ready to invest what you can afford to lose since the token sale is non-refundable. There is also no guarantee of earning interests/dividends. Also, the tokens don’t give you the right to participate in decision making or be used outside the platform.

Overall, the site seems well organized though with possible risks to investors.

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