What Is Demeter?

Named after the Ancient Greek God of agriculture, Demeter is a decentralized platform that offers an entire ecosystem for farmers and consumers.

In the last century new innovations were created that revolutionized both food supply and storage. As access to food via grocery stores became larger – so too did farms. Technology such as fridges, microwaves and freezers led to vast improvements in food storage – which increased our appetites for a variety of food. This led to a wide range of challenges.

From food being shipped from other countries – often taking weeks at a time – to the constant pressure to genetically make food more resistant, profitable and durable – we’ve strayed quite far from our origins.

As multi-billion dollar corporations push our food production in ways that benefit them – we as the consumers, farmers and families – end up losing what we want most: healthy, clean, local food.

Demeter proposes a new era of health and organic food production and consumption and with it heralding a new era in agriculture, ag4.0. Users are able to secure a portion of a farmer's land, a micro-farm, grow their own produce, communicate with the farmer for details of growing, picking and delivery by connecting through the Demeter platform. The DMT token will give customers and farmers a decentralized, secure, trust based way of sharing with each other in a micro-farm-to-table ecosystem.

DMT token is used to pay for the produce in a fast and cheap transaction. Everything on the Demeter platform will be paid with DMT. Customers are able to enjoy quality and organic food for a fraction of the price they are paying today and farmers all over the world will be able to directly connect with customers – cutting out middlemen – and receiving fair value for their work.

‘Growfunding' allows people around the globe to rent local micro-fields where their food will be farmed. The Demeter marketplace will be the first blockchain based store where people from all around the world will be able to buy, sell or trade goods and services related to the food industry.

Demeter also seeks to eliminate aggressive farming tactics employed by farmers under pressure from middlemen and corporate chains. Demeter's first target market is Asia, followed by deployment in Europe, USA and the rest of the world.

The Demeter Team

  • Marco Mettimano – CEO & Co-Founder
  • Nando Dessena – Blockchain Developer
  • Arianna Vulpiani – Business development
  • Lorenzo Liberatore – Full Stack Developer

Demeter ICO Details

  • Platform – Ethereum (ERC20)
  • ICO start date – November 18, 2017
  • ICO end date – December 18, 2017
  • Hard cap – 200,000,000*

* US citizens are excluded from crowdsale

Demeter Verdict

It's impossible to put a price on being able to eat fresh, locally grown produce in the era of GMOs and processed foods. I do wonder however, if this is something that can be achieved without having to create a dedicated platform which only serves as a decentralized payment platform for farmers and consumers.

The token's function and relevance to this project seems peripheral or inadequately explained. The white paper, while compendious, could possibly shed some more light on this.

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