If you are a cryptocurrency investor, you know that you have to know the market very well so can know how to invest better. Because of this, be sure to always know as much as you can before investing.

You can only get to know the market very well if you have an excellent source of information, so our blog can be a handy tool when investing because we review the most interesting investments here. Today, we are going to review a company called Demicoin.

What is Demicoin?

Demicoin is a new type of cryptocurrency that will be released in the market soon. This new kind of currency promises to be faster than Bitcoin and to charge less than the most popular cryptocurrency at the moment.

As an alternative to Bitcoin, the Demicoin team wants to carve its place in the market by offering better than services than their concurrence and use the massive migration to Bitcoin to offer users a better service than they are already getting right now.

How Does Demicoin Work?

Is Demicoin really faster than Bitcoin? That is what the company states. Using its own blockchain technology, the company states that this new cryptocurrency is capable of handling up to 5.9 million transactions per second, while Bitcoin can only handle 7 transactions per second. That is incredibly faster than the concurrence.

This means that Demicoin is way faster than Bitcoin and even faster than popular cryptocurrencies that are known to be fast like Ethereum and Ripple. If what the company states is actually right, users of Demicoin will have the faster coin in the market.

Demicoin will be able to be stored in many types of wallets and will be completely secure, with no chargebacks and no need for the use of banks. Demicoin wants to be the future of cryptocurrency. Will the company really achieve this objective?

How to Invest in Demicoin?

To invest in Demicoin, you will have to buy its DEC tokens during the upcoming ICO. The main sale is already happening and it will continue until December 28, so be quick to buy your tokens if you want to be sure that you will acquire them for the best price.

The price of the DEC tokens will of 0.75 USD and you can use cryptocurrency or fiat money to buy it. If you buy some DEC tokens right now, you will be able to acquire them for the price of 0.50 USD per token. Beware, though, because this promotional price was almost at its end at the time of this report.

At the beginning of 2018, the Demicoin wallet will be released and you will receive your tokens.

The Demicoin Verdict

Is Demicoin a really good investment for you? Probably, yes. This could be a very interesting investment because, if what the company states is actually the truth, you will be buying a valuable asset that will probably be worth a lot more in some years.

If Bitcoin is less technologically advanced than Demicoin and it is already worth more than $10,000 USD at the time of this report, Demicoin can really be worth more (and even if you buy at less than $1 USD per token and its future price turn out to be $10, you already you have gained a huge profit).

There is no way to know for sure if Demicoin’s blockchain will be that fast at the moment and that is basically the only problem with the investment. There are no red flags to be seen, but you should be careful with the company’s promises.

If you are really interested in investing in Demicoin, go for it, this could be a very good investment for you in the future.

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