Democracy Earth Vote ICO Review

Personal Smart Contract Sovereignty

What if you had the power to put democracy back in your hands? Well, that is what you can expect from the Democracy Earth Vote system. It is new and innovative and meant for a peer to peer platform. And, is said to be ideal for anyone, anywhere. Curious in early access? Well, you can do so now by leaving your email with them so that you can be notified once its ready to go.

How Does Democracy Earth Vote Work?

This system is ideal for people who like a self-sovereign system – or so the story goes. It was created for people who with in the cryptocurrency space and those who are already familiar with systems that are described as open-sourced. In addition, it is made to work on a system that is peer to peer – apparently this is quite attractive to many people.

And, there’s more when it comes to Democracy Earth Vote, it is political. A political system that does not need inter-mediation (imagine that!). The governance involved is described as democratic and with that type of system in place is arguably designed for people who are driven to succeed.

Let’s look at a few of the options available:

  1. Liquid Democracy – this means your voice will be heard. You are able to vote on the issues that matter most, to you. In addition, you can delegate power and feel confident in the system itself.
  2. Your Own Date – this means, you can sign with keys on the platform and in turn, use them on blockchain. Best part? This can be done without Big Brother over your shoulder.
  3. Truly Borderless Governance – meaning, if you want to you are given the option to participate in budgeting that works with Bitcoin and other contracts.

An Internet Democracy?

Maybe. With the design in place that gives services to people in the 21st centuries and yet those who interact in a 19th century institution is often based on 15th century technology. See the problem? It is no wonder there are problems out there.

There Is a whitepaper available if you would like more information on Democracy Earth on the ins and outs of its functions, etc. There is full disclosure pertaining to their Social Smart Contracts – this is a great sign about the integrity if anything else.

Who’s Responsible For Democracy Earth Vote?

What we have learned is that the community is driven by people from all walks of life. These include hackers, thinkers, programmers and developers which allows the genius of all mediums to come together with one main purpose. Many of these people are also community specialists and politicians. In addition, you can also expect to find theorists and fundraisers part of the team here. Even ambassadors from other countries —

Bottom line, anyone who could be anyone is part of this elite group of people.

Final Thoughts On the Democracy Earth Vote ICO

Democracy Earth is the first of its kind. An open-sourced political system that is made specifically for creating a new way to bring work and politics to a global platform. The team appears to be developing a remarkable platform that could potentially have major impact on the world.

This platform is completely non-profit and have been recognized by large organizations like TED and Singularity University and Fast Forward. This could be what greatness looks like. Lastly, if you are seeking a way to improve politics and ultimately the world, check out Democracy Earth we assure you – you won’t find anything like it.

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