Deneum intends to change the industry with its new Deneum Power Stations. After raising the amount of $770,000 USD investment on its private sale, Deneum is trying to get $89 million USD from the main Initial Coin Offering (ICO). That is surely a hard goal to actually be able to reach, but the company certainly feels capable after its last inventions.

Deneum Power Stations

The main product that is currently being offered by this company is the Power Station, which is basically a capsule-shaped module that is compact and produces electric energy. It works like this: its action principle is based on an interaction between certain substances inside the product. They get heated and energy is made from this.

Two materials are the main source of these new devices: titanium and deuterium. Together, they produce excessive heat which is used to produce energy that is very low cost.

According to the CEO of the company, Dmitry Samoylovkikh, the electricity market will be a $2 trillion USD business in the near future and it is still associated with “dirty” fossils, unpredictable solar and wind-based energy, etc. Because of this, he wanted to create a solution that does not harm the environment or depends too much on the weather conditions.

The CEO believes that the company is able to offer something that most companies are not by creating a radically more efficient, clean and safe way to produce energy. The company states that the product has more than 29 years of testing and that 62 successful tests have been made.

This created results: 1 Deneum Power Station can generate up to 5 to 100KW output power without needing any refuel or maintenance for a whole year. Its cost is 97% lower than natural gas, for instance. According to the CEO, the possibilities for using the technology are almost unlimited in the industry.

The Deneum DNM Utility Token

The project will use the DNM tokens, which will be utility tokens, so they can be used to buy the products, not for getting shares of the company. They can be used by customers who are interested in purchasing cheap energy. 1 DNM will be equal to 1 MWh of output electric energy.

According to the company, the price of electricity in Europe can be high. It can be $85 USD for wind, $62 for coal, $57 for natural gas, $49 USD for nuclear energy, etc. The same quantity of energy will cost roughly $1.70 USD , which is a huge discount when you compare it to the other forms of energy.

Even the largest mining pools in the world could save a lot of energy by using this technology, the CEO of Deneum affirms.

Deneum DNM Token ICO Details

So, to finance the mass production of the power stations and to gather the initial funds, the company decided to sell the tokens in an Initial Coin Offering. According to its executives, tokenization will help to reinvent the global energy market, which can be more cheap and totally transparent.

The pre-sale of the tokens was successful and it reached its hard cap, so a second private sale is set for August with a cap of $1.5 million USD. The main token sale will happen during October to November. The hard cap will be considerably higher then, set at $89 million USD.

A total of 15,000,000 DNM tokens will be emitted on the platform and 11,400,000 of them will be available for public purchase. The company reserves for itself the right to create more tokens for any reason.

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