There is always emphasis when it comes to the importance of a patient’s dental health records. Dental practices require the practitioner to produce and maintain an adequate system for the patient's records. Failure to do this can expose the dentist to a wide range of significant risks and liabilities. Additionally, the overall health sector has regulations and laws on the need to retain records for specific periods of time.

However, our current databases are failing us, and they tend to lack a clear, organized or detailed structure on how it would best care for the dental patient's records. Luckily, the character of blockchain technology as a secure decentralized database is proving critical in helping us remedy some of the data challenges we are facing with dental health services. Here one such blockchain venture that is set to make a significant impact on how we manage our dental health information.

What Is Dentix?

DENTIX is an innovative blockchain database that plans to release their version of an Electronic Health Records system for our dental services. Through the use of blockchain technology, DENTIX will offer a secure and safe way to record, transfer, store and analyze dental records. The concept is to have an electronic version of the patient’s health history, which is provided over time by the medical services. The information may also include any clinical data relevant to the person seeking the medical services.

Dentix Features

  1. Messaging Module- patients and practitioners can interact through the messages portal and additionally transfer data.
  2. Use of tokens-the DENTIX platform facilitates payments through its currency, DENTIX tokens (DNTX)
  3. e-prescription- patients can access e-labs and get a diagnosis plus a recommendation all through the platform.
  4. Feedback mechanism- the user-centric platform will rely on patients’ feedback as a way of creating a verified list of service providers.

How Dentix Dental Electronic Health Record Token Works

The DENTIX EHR works on a modular CDN platform to enable real-time upgrades and updates to the custom database system. The use of blockchain technology will help facilitate the earning, trading, or sending from dental services.

Each DNTX holder will have a right to a True View portal from where they can review dental services they met in the past within the platform. The review postings will be in an anonymous mode to allow for user’s identity safety.

There is also an intention to have a mobile application for all-ages across the board. The goal is to create awareness and education on the importance of dental healthcare and why you should have a record of yours.

Dentix DNTX ICO Details

ICO Start Date – April 1, 2018
ICO Cost of 1 DNTX 0.001 ETH
Accepted Currency – Ethereum (ETH)

Dentix Final Thoughts

There isn’t much focus when it comes to healthcare blockchain ventures. However, the single property of a decentralized structure is a massive boost for the adoption of blockchain technology within health records, especially for dental services. In the case of DENTIX, the concept remains unique. However, the company is not the first blockchain ICO dealing with dental health. That makes the whole project less exciting.

Additionally, the development team lacks a person with a dental health background which is rather odd in regards to this being a healthcare venture. There is also the act of DENTIX acting as a security investment yet it lacks a real product behind it. Such aspects would not allow me to rank the project as an investment idea.

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