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Giving Back Power to Investors Using Blockchain Technology

The goal of Deorum is to come up with a currency that is profitable and useable. The project will have three phases. After the completion of the phases, the Deorum currency will be able to bring real value to investors and will not just be for speculative purposes. Investors will gain as much as possible from the platform and the investors will have a say on which way the project will go.

The project has the lowest level of investment risk as the price of the tokens will not be based on the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies but will be correlated with the generated profits. The platform will also be a great marketing platform where people starting their businesses will be able to develop more.

Deorum is a platform with three phases. The first phase will be the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange where each token holder will have a share. Shareholders will be able to vote for the introduction of new currencies and will have a say on the activities of the exchange. The token holders will also get a part of the 40% exchange income that will be divided among the shareholders. This will allow the tokens to be profitable.

The platform will also create a marketing platform where people will be able to get likes, comments, followers, and even shares. The marketing platform will be implemented with the help of the Deorum tokens. People who will want to earn tokens can do so by the performance of different actions on the marketplace. This will make the tokens useful.

The third phase will be the transition to Mainnet. This will be an anonymous and fast cryptocurrency that will have a unique algorithm. This algorithm will regulate the coins supply based on the price of the tokens. To stabilize the price of the tokens, the coins supply will be regulated.

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Features Of Deorum

  • Security- the user’s funds will be secure, as the platform will have a special department to ensure the security of user’s funds
  • A Multilanguage support- the platform will support the use of different languages including Spanish, German, English, and Russian. With time, more languages will be added.
  • Low fees- a fixed fee of 0.25% will be charged on each transaction
  • Affiliate program- the token holders will receive up to 40% commission from the trade of users registered with the token holders reflink.
  • Scalability- the platform will increase their business over time.

The Deorum Token

The DEO token will be an ERC-20 coin based on the Ethereum network. The ICO supply will be 12,500,000 tokens. The ICO price will be 1ETH=2000 DEO. The pre-ICO price will have a 50% discount at 1ETH=4000 DEO. The minimum accepted purchase will be 0.2 ETH and the accepted payment method will be Ethereum.

  • Token Symbol: DEO
  • Token Price: 1ETH = 2000 DEO
  • Total Supply: 25,000,000 DEO Tokens
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Soft Cap: 800 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 5,625 ETH

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