Dermavir ICO (DER Coin)

Genetic Immunity is a privately held, “clinical-stage” biotechnology company focused on the successful treatment of some of the deadliest viral and other ailments known to man.

Employing a “revolutionary new immune therapy technology platform” for the treatment of HIV, allergies and even cancer, the company is embracing an ICO in order to roll out its medical treatments across the globe in a rapid and effective manner.

Dermavir is not only emerging as a world-first treatment, the company is also looking to the blockchain to effect rapid, safe and tightly recorded dissemination of their treatments across the globe. A Hungarian-based research outfit taking a whole new line with their “Immune Therapies,” Genetic Immunity is geared towards the discovery, development and commercialization of a new range of therapeutic vaccines.

Employing the blockchain-based ICO will not only raise needed capital to bring products to market, but also enable swift ease of use for clients. One of the cornerstones of GI’s offer – the ability to most effectively match treatments with patients – will be enabled by employing the decentralized ledger data thus obtained.

The company’s Immune Therapies enable people living with presently incurable conditions to experience a healthier life with enhanced energy levels, shifting diseases from “life-threatening” to “manageable.”

By boosting and intensifying a person’s immune response, the company’s aim is to have people suffering from dread diseases “live better, healthier and longer lives.” GI’s leading product, Dermavir, is a therapeutic vaccine used in the treatment of HIV that boosts the body’s ability and pro-activity in killing infected cells.

Key Facts Regarding Dermavir (DER Coin)

  • Initial ICO price: $1 per Dermavir Coin
  • Coin issue: 20,000,000
  • Presale total offer (1st, 2nd & 3rd rounds): 10,000,000 tokens
  • Token application: Digital Personal Medicine website and App (due 2020 via
  • ICO benefits: Lifetime membership to website and app usage
  • Long-term operations: 10 percent of annual net profits to be employed repurchasing Dermavir Coins on the open market

Projecting steadily increasing revenues on the back of finalized clinical trials and pending government approval, GI predicts an 8th year income of over a billion dollars. In a marriage of product dissemination and democratic decentralization, funds are constantly fed into the network that enables the company’s ambitions, incentivizing participation and also product awareness and distribution.

What Is GI’s Offer?

As opposed to isolated researchers developing and then marketing a product, GI has taken a step closer to the end user in adopting a blockchain dissemination via their ICO. The utility tokens are the chosen means of funding and disseminating their product worldwide, building a database pertinent to patients and their treatments and incentivizing user participation.

While the ICO is a fundraising initiative to enable further, final development and product formulation, the fact that GI has chosen a blockchain project vehicle means that funds, data and a host of other inputs will all be elegantly captured and correctly managed from the start.

How Does Dermavir (DER Coin) Work?

Users can buy into the GI ICO that will aid the development of medicines at the company’s laboratories. While the tokens will retain their own intrinsic value, with the rollout of approved treatments post FDA approval, the values are expected to soar. GI is essentially raising capital via their ICO to complete the final stages of registration of clinically proven treatments.

Who Comprises The Dermavir Team?

At the head of the team is CEO Viktor Rozsnyay, an experienced VC, being CEO of Power of the Dream Ventures (PWRV), a startup funding outfit. He has been with GI since 2013. He was also the driving force behind the company’s restructuring and the hiring an FDA regulatory consultant. Dr. Boros PhD is the company COO. Coming from the top-tier of the Hungarian retail environment, he is intimately involved with the ICO rollout.

Other consultants include Richard Kastelein, the founder and former publisher of Blockchain News, Simon Cocking, the Senior Editor at Irish Tech News and Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and Feroz Sanaulla, Managing Partner at Vecta Strategy, a consultancy that focuses on their clients’ operational performance, digital transformation and market access.

Where Is Genetic Immunity Based?

Based in Budapest, Hungary, Genetic Immunity, Inc. trades as a subsidiary of Genetic Immunity, LLC.

When Did GI Commence Operations And What Is The Timeline For The ICO?

GI was founded in 1988 and the impetus towards Dermavir’s rollout via ICO really began with the onboarding of CEO Viktor Rozsnyay in 2013. ICO planning began in earnest in 2017. March 30, 2018 will mark the first pre-sale.

April 15, 2018 will see the second pre-sale commence with the third and final pre-sale scheduled for March 30, 2018. Token distribution will commence May 15, 2018.

Potential Risks

Although partnering with a Russian distributor and other players in Europe in order to access their home market, GI clearly has its eyes set on the massive American market for best projected income. This then hinges on FDA approval, something outside of any company’s control.

That said, FDA approval should be a matter of administrative procedure only as the company has conducted legitimate clinical trials and met the prerequisites for approval by the FDA in their submissions.

Hitherto unimagined cures might arise that can treat the target diseases upon which the company is focused, making their products at best less appealing and at worst obsolete over the next few years. This, however, is incredibly unlikely as nothing in the medical research fraternity is currently coming to light as a potential usurper to GI’s Immune Therapies approach.

Growth Potential

The pharma company arena is well known as one that generates massive annual profits. Looking at the business of the company over the last few years, it is apparent that they have done the necessary homework and are aiming at a seamless rollout of a highly applicable treatment for the world at large. These are all good indicators of future profitability.

Not only is potential growth of the company apparent from management practices, the innate value of the products on offer speaks of potentially huge future application in the field of medicine and thus exponential profits.

Dermavir ICO (DER Coin) Conclusion

GI is emblematic of a modern, global concern, employing an ICO to present a well thought out and valuable product to investors. That the products involved aid people’s lives and reduce human suffering merely adds to the feel-good factor.

Presenting as a very responsible and responsive entity, keen on developing partnerships across the globe, GI seems set for a bright, global future.

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