Descrow is a decentralized platform that intends to bring an element of trust in the ICO space. This trust is usually lacking when investors put their money in ICOs.

How Does Descrow Work?

Descrow works by collecting and distributing investor funds in order to protect them from losses, in case of a fraudulent ICO. The idea is that if an ICO can’t deliver on its promise, Descrow returns the investor's funding.

The Technical Workings of the Descrow System

The Descrow system breaks down ICO project financing into staggered stages. When an investor brings in their money, Descrow allocates that money into the ICO through milestones. For every milestone achieved, Descrow releases funds. If not, the money is returned.

Details About the Descrow ICO

The Descrow system is compatible with the ERC20 standard. Other details about this ICO are as below:

  • It kicked off on the 29th of November 2017
  • It will come to an end on the 27th of December 2017
  • The Descrow token is called DES.
  • The initial cost of 1 DES token is equal to 0.001 ETH.
  • There is a total token amount of 66 666 666 million DES.
  • The total number of DES tokens on offer are hard capped to protect investor value.

Who is Behind Descrow?

There is a very strong team of professionals behind Descrow. The most notable member of this team is Sergey Besedin who is the founder. He is a member of the blockchain association of Russia, which means he has good knowledge of how blockchain systems work.

The Advisory Team

The Descrow team has advisors from all across the world. The most notable of them is the Bonnie Normal who is part of the Israeli blockchain association.

What has Descrow Team Achieved So Far?

The Descrow team has hit several key milestones that are guaranteed to make this ICO successful. These milestones are as follows:

Partnership with Deex

Deex is one of the fastest growing exchanges in the cryptocurrency space. Through this partnership, investors will have full control over their funds when the Descrow ICO is over.

Meeting Corda

The Descrow team has already met the Corda international blockchain consortium and came into a favorable agreement. One of the agreements is that Descrow will not be limited to only one blockchain platform. This makes Descrow easy to scale internationally.

Smart Contract Hosting on GitHub

GitHub is one of the most renowned source code management service in the world. Descrow has already hosted its smart contract here, which guarantees for a high quality code.

Is Descrow Well Publicized?

One of the main pointers to the future success of an ICO is the marketing it gets. Descrow is already a step ahead on this front, having been published in a dedicated December 7th article; in the Huffington post.

Does Descrow Have Strategic Partners?

Descrow has many strategic partners that are guaranteed to help with publicity. Some of the better known Descrow partners are Token Desk, The Coin Telegraph and Cryptoconsulting. These are global organizations that are assured to give Descrow the publicity it needs.

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