What Is DESTO?

Desto is a blockchain ecosystem developed specially for mobile phones. This platform intends to be a gateway between the crypto world and the people who are still not using cryptocurrencies. The company intends to offer fast and safe services for people all over the world. By targeting unbanked adults, the company to find its niche and to help these people in their financial lives.

The company is trying to solve huge problems like the difficulty that people in rural areas have to access financial services and how hard it is to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Desto was founded by Arthur Huis int Veld, a passionate blockchain expert. His colleagues are Samuel Law (lead creative strategist of community), Tatiana Stepanova (content strategist), Andrew Lee Hwan (community technical advisor), Sam Chi (community investment advisor), among others. Some partners of the company are Coinmatch, Smartym Pro, Tradesto, TF Capital and Asean First Venture.

DESTO 2018 Cryptocurrency Analysis Features

The platform that Desto is creating has some interesting features for users who choose to use it. The transaction speed on the platform will be very low, ranging from only 3 to 5 seconds and being able to make hundreds or even thousands of transactions at the same time. Also, the network will be developed thinking about safety and transparency, values that are very important to the company.

Low transactions fees will be also another element that will make Desto more interesting for these people than conventional banks could ever be. And finally, the company also intends to launch a debit card which will allow the users to spend their money offline.

The DESTO Ecosystem

The ecosystem of Desto is formed by many different products that, together, enable its customers to access everything that Desto has to offer. DestpCX is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. In this platform, you can trade in real time while looking at information from the market so you can always invest well informed.

Another platform is that Desto PAY, which is a platform for P2P payments. You will be provided with a wallet by using this product and you will be able to access it at any time to pay for goods and services. Desto Ventures will be a platform specialized in support for ICOs and will be essential for investors using this company’s products.

Finally, Desto Reserve will be the perfect cryptocurrency storage for you if you are looking for a safe wallet to store your tokens while you mine them or invest using them.


The ICO of Desto will start on May 1st and it will last the whole month. The company did not release information about the price of the tokens at this moment, so you’ll have to wait a little bit more for that information.

The money collected during the ICO will be used for the development of the platform and the company has divided the ICO into milestones to be able to release everything that was promised. This way, it will only implement more features if it really is able to collect enough money without having to raise its soft cap too much.

DESTO Conclusion

Desto seems to be a good investment opportunity for investors who are not willing to risk too much. The company seems very confident, but also prepared to deal with raising less money than it wants in the ICO and it already has some private investors. Because of this, do not be afraid that investing in Desto might be a bad idea.

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