What Is DeStream?

Destream is a project that focuses on establishing a blockchain based global platform that is decentralized for usage in the streaming market. The platform allows for the maximization of the productivity of streamers, diversification of their activities and securing their startup capital. Blockchain technology allows for the reduction in transaction fees and the improvement of quality on the platform thus allowing streamers to shift their focus on creation rather than operational activities.

How DeStream Financial Blockchain For Streamers Works

The platform is a unique structure that offers all streaming services with improved interactivity with the viewers. The platform also provides a financial tool used for donations and the payment of services in the ecosystem. The platform also offers an advertising channel that very effective and contains powerful analytical tools, which allows advertisers to automatically select a streamer for their services.

The platform uses smart contract technology to implement the terms of payment. A viewer can be certain that the addressee will get the donations made on the platform. In addition, the streamer will fulfill the accompanying order to the donation, only if the service is made available on the service catalog on the platform. This, in turn, improves transparency of the entire process especially when the action targeted and expected by the viewer doesn't have dual interpretation, has guarantee of performance, and is offered by the streamer.

Fees Reduction

The platform's commission fee is reduced to 0.77%, which allows streamers to make more income in the process. There are no restrictions in that there are uniform conditions for the making of deposits or withdrawals using the same commission with no regards to the currency or the method used for making deposits.

The viewer on the platform chooses a service from the ones provided on the catalog and is directly connected to the streamer. The viewer then pays the donation. He gets the information as to whether the service may be displayed during the gameplay or it be pushed to the next stream.

DeStream Benefits

Low Transaction Costs

Blockchain technology allows system transactions to be reduced to up to 0.77%, which is two times lower than any other system. There are no restrictions put up by the platform in that there will be equal rules applied for inputs and outputs operations with no regards the type of currency.


The platform's smart contract regulates the relationship among streamers, advertisers, and viewers thus leading to their protection from a partner failing to meet their obligations in terms of payment. Smart contract ensures that terms of making transactions are followed promptly.

Free Marketplace

The marketplace forum allows streamers to purchase new equipment and sell their customized merchandise in the system. The user does not have to start thinking of withdrawing their funds for usage since relevant goods are readily available at the marketplace.

DeStream DST Token & ICO Details

The platform's tokens are called DST tokens and are utility tokens on the platform. The tokens are used to make donations, payment for commission when making transactions, purchasing of digital goods, as rewards from advertisers and to pay for services offered on the platform in terms of marketing and improving the attractiveness of streams.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: DST
  • Token sale date: 2018-05-09 to 2018-06-30
  • Accepted payment method: USD, ETH
  • Total token supply: 6,000,000,000
  • ICO: 3,600,000,000

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