Cryptocurrency is an important industry that lets both experienced and notice users invest their funds to transact online. However, one of the big issues with the industry is that all of these funds are limited in their use for most platforms. Even though there are plenty of marketplaces that allow consumers to exchange cryptocurrency for products, that still limits the ability to spend these investments in stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and other major retailers. However, Dether introduces another option.

What Is Dether?

The Dether platform provides the opportunity to invest and profit from crypto, while exchanging it for cash that can be spent offline at stores and restaurants. Users have to download the Kovan app to do these types of transactions, and the goal is to make the entire process easier. Sellers essentially exchange for cash locally as they would with an ATM, while buyers meet with local sellers. Additionally, the program makes it easy for consumers to exchange crypto payments for services and goods.

The problem with the marketplace is that buying and selling takes too much time and is far too complicated for the everyday consumer. Being out of reach with these connections leaves an untapped audience of over two billion people, who could easily join the efforts of Dether instead. Everything works within the peers on the platform, which makes it more user-friendly for the newer members of the crypto community.

About The DTH Token

Any exchanges on the Dether platform are performed with the use of the DTH token. The process by which buyers get the tokens is fairly straightforward – the seller makes tokens available, the buyer purchases the tokens, and then they can access the interface, API, and services. Everything is done anonymously, and there’s a live chat available for any other questions. Obtaining the coins from a seller is simple, but the original seller’s instructions are not provided on the website.

Dether’s Roadmap

Dether has already reached about half of the milestones on their roadmap, including their world tour to meet with investors and the recent token sale on February 7th, 2018. However, 2018 still plans to bring the beta version to the Ethereum main net to expand their user’s reach with their tokens.

In 2019, the company plans to integrate Ether trades, stable coin integration, and establish their applications for smartphones.

Contacting Dether

Even with the company’s whitepaper, some consumers may have other questions that they want to bring up with the brand. There’s no phone number, but consumers can send an email to [email protected] to learn more information.

Crowdsale Details

  • ÐTH token total supply: 100.000.000
  • ÐTH max will be minted during the crowdsale.
  • Maximum cap on crowdsale: 15.000 ETH
  • Method: ETH accepted


Dether seeks to adapt to a wider range of users that presently have no involvement with any financial institution. As the company recruits more users, the value of their tokens will increase, so it may help users to get involved early to avoid big fees and more expensive tokens later.

To view the whitepaper for Dether, visit

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