Developeo is an education platform that is focused on EdTech, FinTech and BankTech companies. The main goal of the company is to provide education for people by using the best available technology, including blockchain tech, and helping to create specialized professionals while helping the community.

The company intends to help in the creation of the new leaders and startup entrepreneurs by teaching people what they need to know about Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, internet of things, data science, full stack coding, AR/VR, cybersecurity, future healthcare and many other technological features.

By providing innovation and education of quality, the company intends to become one of the most prestigious education corporations and teach the best concepts and ideas about technology to the young people that will be the future of the world.

Developeo (DEVX) Token Sale

DEVX tokens will be ERC20 utility tokens that will be sold in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The private sale is already happening and the pre-ICO will be happening on June 25. The main ICO will be held from August 6 onwards. The company will sell 480,000,000 DEVX tokens and 120,000,000 DEVX tokens will be given to the founders, investors and distributed in reward pools and bounties.

The price of the DEVX tokens in the main ICO was still not divulged by the company at this moment. Follow our blog for updates.

The DEVX tokens will be able to be used in the services offered by this company with a discount of 20%, which can make these tokens very valuable to the people that will use these services.

What are the Services Offered by Developeo?

The creators of Developeo have perceived that about 400 to 800 million people all over the world will lose their jobs to automation in the near future. The numbers tell that by 2030, 38% of the jobs will be done by machines.

This will create mass unemployment and this company knows that the only way to solve this is by teaching people to work with the new technology so they can still be able to work. Because of this, Developeo has developed many services to educate these people.

By analyzing the EdTech Market, the company decided to create its own bootcamps so that the students can learn the most important techniques to be well employed in the future.

In the DEVX bootcamps, the students can pay something between $11,400 to $13,000 USD to 14 to 16 weeks of training with the top leaders of the market so they can learn new technologies with a focus on practical education.

The DEVX Verified service takes from 5 to 10 days to evaluate the level of skill that people have for job interviews or something like this. If you want to test someone before you employ it, this is the place.

The company also offers other services like DEVX Leadership training, the DEVX University, DEVX Innovation and others. Projects like the DEVX Athena match the best professors and leaders, while DEVX Demeter focuses on startup growth and DEVX in helping companies with innovation. Finally, there is also DEVX Hrmes that open next-generation schools all over the world.

The company plans to open its first university in 2020 and the second one in 2021.

The Developeo Team

If you are interested in this company, you probably would like to know more about the people who created it. Aytunc Ozturk (CEO) is the founder of the company. He has already some entrepreneurship experience founding some other companies like Halk TV and Galata Penthouse.

Another members of this company that are involved in the development of the services are Debersom Murashige (developer), Andras Fuchs (developer), Berk Cengiz (CTO), Inanc Akturk (head of digital marketing), Zhivko Todorov (community manager), Sara Rubenstein (community manager), Murat Akcay (financial matters) and Scanavino Lamb (legal advisor).

Developeo Verdict

Developeo looks like it’s going to be a huge education company. Because of this, we believe that investing in this company can be considered a certain investment as the company has the structure to become one of the most important universities in the world some years down the road.

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