Developers Behind Bitcoin Cash’s Wallet Yenom Propose New Payment Protocol

The Bitcoin Cash community continues to grow. Developers that created the Bitcoin Cash wallet Yenom said that they ware working on a different payment protocol for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem. According to Shun Usami, an important developer at Yenom, released a wallet scheme in which it shows a new payment protocol.

The scheme released by Shun Usami is called the Deep Link Payment Protocol (DLPP) and would allow users to pay on different websites with Bitcoin Cash just by clicking on a specific link. Other developers involved in the project are Taiki Uchida and Aoi Serikawa.

These Yenom developers proposed a new wallet scheme for the global Bitcoin Cash network that is linked to a wallet application with a callback URL. According to some reports, this concept is similar to the BIP21 (URI scheme) in which users can pay for different goods and services just by clicking a link.

At the moment, the current experience related to mobile wallets is not user-friendly. And indeed, nowadays, crypto payments tend to take longer than what they should. In order to make a payment today, it is necessary to copy an address and paste it in a specific wallet after providing information about the funds that are going to be sent.

With the new DLPP scheme, users will not have to do all these steps if they want to make a simple cryptocurrency purchase using Bitcoin Cash. The users only need to confirm the payment.

According to Bitpay, an popular cryptocurrency platform that uses a version of BIP 70, 71 and 72, explained that the method led to better payment efficiency for users interested in using virtual currencies for payments.

Moreover, Yenom programmers said that the protocols allow forward compatibility. Mobile clients would not have to act on a specific URL callback if they do not have users’ consent. If everything goes well, this protocol could reduce three or five steps to process a virtual currency payment.

Promoting easier virtual currency payments is also a way to increase crypto popularity.

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