DeviantCoin Launches DEVX Crypto Assets Trading With Enhanced Security And Storage

A proof of stake and masternode crypto-asset focused on providing the best user experience with complete security, DeviantCoin, provides an overview of the foundation that has been laid while highlighting the most significant roadmap milestones ahead.

DeviantCoin was launched with the primary focus to provide a secure crypto experience.

Its community has a decentralized network in place that ensures secured transactions, encrypted messaging, stealth address for complete anonymity, a reduced number of necessary confirmations, and low transaction fees. Akerboya, Streetjammer, Cripdark and Nightcrawler are part of the growing team of leaders committed to continuing development activities and community growth.

Most crypto-asset exchanges are centralized as privately owned and registered businesses in a specific jurisdiction, but there are certain disadvantages that are common among them all.

Centralized exchanges are typically managed by human beings who hold and control the assets of their customers. They are subject to unstable regulatory environments around the world, ongoing incidents of unethical practices, embezzlement and theft via hacking.

Decentralized exchanges provide a viable alternative to centralized exchanges. And, like the crypto-assets themselves, they facilitate peer-to-peer trading on a distributed ledger that is not coordinated by a single entity. This eliminates many of the common challenges of centralized exchanges. However, there are still various challenges that remain unaddressed.

For instance, decentralized exchanges are non-intuitive and difficult-to-use interface thereby degrades user experience. They are poor to non-existent customer support is common, has limited functionality without the ability to use stop losses and margin trading. Only low-frequency trading is possible since settlement relies on block confirmations providing a Hybrid Solution for the Cryptocurrency Community.

DEVX, a hybrid exchange being built by DeviantCoin developers, will be launched as a new crypto-assets trading platform that draws from the best elements of centralized and decentralized exchanges. It is being designed to offer the speed, responsiveness, efficiency and user experience of a centralized exchange while preserving the transparency, security, integrity, accountability and user control of a decentralized exchange.

“In addition to functioning as an exchange, DEVX will also be used as a fully decentralized web wallet with direct access to multiple blockchains,”

stated Akerboya, chief visionary of DeviantCoin.

“We’ll also introduce a fully decentralized hardware wallet that works on the same platform. This adds to the security of the platform by enabling hash keys to secure your web access with additional 2-Factor Authentication.”

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