DEVNetwork DEV ICO Review

What is DevNetwork?

This is said to be the world’s first decentralized professional network as well as tech ecosystem community platform.

How Does Devnetwork Work?

The company aims to begin their journey by building the largest global tech community for professionals and software enthusiasts. They also have a goal of fostering a marketplace that is ideal for idea sourcing enabled on the blockchain technology.

They are working together with the Devnetwork, creators of the DEV token. And with their help have the ability to create thousands of possible ways to grow and engage with their community through their environment, and this includes matching partners and hiring new employees.

They consider it to be like a combination of the WWW, HTML, API and OS Platforms all in one. Where everyone can go to access and build the biggest, most advanced platforms on top of everything else the platform can be used for. The technology used by Devenetwork is the ideal medium for every platform to operate on.

It’s said to be ideal for corporations, communities, freelancers, game publishers and college students as well. The platform they’ve built is simple but at the core represents the values and ethics of Devnetwork. And those values ultimately have the goal of connecting and uniting everyone in the various industries. When it comes to the near future, they are pushing to connect entities and individuals who could end up being beneficial partners to each other.

With their help, they want to see people to work together to see the industry move forward at a faster rate than ever before. The Devnetwork also promises to use their website as well as some of their partners, as case studies to help everybody on the platform gain data. The platform is still in early development and they are seeking to share it with everyone to encourage more people to get onboard with the company to work with them for the rest of this decade.

The company promises to be a global professional network. Not only that, but it will work as a human resource tool to help companies find the right people for the job. On top of that, they are aiming to create a massive community that is easily managed. Other areas the platform helps with include event management and large scale professional databases for easy access to metrics and information. The Devcamp platform is one that encourages every stakeholder in the technological industry the ability to come together.

They are using the blockchain technology to improve economic procedure as well. And to improve hiring support to create careers for the newer generations. They will do so by removing the middle man and any other traditional human resource agencies. All of this is said to make the prices more efficient and brings new talents to the platform.

By educating more people, they will also increase the supply of high quality talents and stakeholders. Education will in turn help to increase the quality of the supply. And with stakeholders on the platform, they’ll be able to gain more education and ensure that access to the people is easier than ever before. There is said to be more events and courses then ever before as well. This will in turn produce a higher quality of workers with less time in idle spending.

The global technology need will bring out more talent then ever before in order to help develop global businesses. And as the same time, help new merchants and accelerate the innovation to create new industries and works for the people.

Devnetwork has areas that are evolved around developers, companies, community, AI, databases, job boards, events and new projects. The AI is focused primarily around HR for the Ethereum platform. It’s an entire community based on the DevNetwork blockchain technology.

Processes are secure thanks to a KYC process, that uses smart contracts with a security auditor and utility token. Each is reserved for 1Y+ Token for the team to be in accordance with all regulatory compliances. It is AML proof and listed on different exchanges.

Details on the DEVNetwork DEV ICO

The first tier of the ICO ends on the 28th of February 2018. That’s only about 9 and a half days away until the launch occurs.

And as of now there are said to be 1523 contributors and 3665 registrants.

Who is Behind DEVNetwork DEV?

There is a rich and diverse team working on the project. Ty Smith is an advisor and the tech leader developer of the platform. He’s also worked for Google as a developer and Android. There are nearly ten highly experienced advisors on the platform who are in charges of making sure everything works fluently.

But they are just the advisors, there is also the core team – consistent of more than 20 different people from all backgrounds in the tech industry. Most of them look to be from the younger generation, but each has a lot of experience under their belt for people their age. There is no verification for everyone on the team, but if they are actual people then Devenetwork has a strong group backing the project and making it move forward.

DEVNetwork DEV ICO Conclusion

The company will operate as technology environment for professionals and enthusiasts to connect on and find like-minded people. Companies can also post jobs and people can apply to them. If they do as they are saying they will, then the Devnetwork will likely be a great company to work with.

It’s an ideal platform for tech enthusiasts, computer programmers and any company in the computer or communications industry. Keep an eye on Devnetwork and you’ll eventually see them have some pretty major breakthroughs that will help them with their success.

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