A lot of times Bitcoin Cash is often touted as the future competition for its much famous counterpart Bitcoin. However, there is little talk of potential projects working to incorporate Bitcoin Cash as their foundation. For developers looking to utilize the currency, this may leave them on the downside.

What Is Devs.Cash?

DEVS.CASH is a curated list of crypto-related materials that seeks to eliminate this worry for aspiring developers who may be asking themselves the following questions regarding Bitcoin Cash:

  • What's the extra use for Bitcoin Cash?
  • What are the exciting projects that can earn you Bitcoin Cash?
  • How can one get involved as a Bitcoin Cash developer?
  • If not a developer, how else can one participate in the Bitcoin Cash sector?
  • How to add your Bitcoin Cash project to the list?
  • How can I get involved in the developer community within Bitcoin Cash?

The Devs.Cash Bitcoin Cash Specific Projects & Apps List Categories

Devs. Cash is made up of different categories of lists of BCH-Specific Dev projects and Apps. The list includes information resources on:

  • BCH-Specific Social communities
  • Entertainment
  • Crowdfunding/Fundraising
  • Tipping Bots/ Platform Extenders/ Browser wallets.
  • Bitcoin Cash API, Dev Tools, Ecosystem Tools
  • Ecosystem Development Bounties
  • Leveraging the Bitcoin Cash Ledger
  • Extending payments
  • Informative and interactive projects

Notably, DEVS.CASH does not plan on including on the list of payment processors, BCH-based stores, specific merchants or any gambling related BCH projects or apps. Additionally, BCH mixers, exchanges adding BCH or particular wallets will also not be part of the DEVS.CASH list page.

Devs.Cash Conclusion

Overall, the DEVS.CASH list is a rather simple outline of BCH-related projects and apps in the basic of forms. There is the minimal emphasis of visuals with the page, and this makes it an excellent option for BCH beginners looking to get the necessary information, join the community, exchanges, BCH-mining, conversion and investing.

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