DextronCoin DTC ICO

DextronCoin promises to turn your imagination into reality by offering investors “guaranteed residual income”. Find out if it’s a scam or a legitimate opportunity today in our review.

What Is DextronCoin DTC?

DextronCoin describes itself as “a virtual currency built on a private blockchain technology with a decentralized wallet which enable users transfer in form of peer-peer without restrictions.”

Horrendous grammar aside, DextronCoin is advertising itself as a powerful investment opportunity. You can buy DextronCoins for a cheap price today, then earn residual income from the tokens.

Obviously, when someone is selling a digital currency specifically as an investment opportunity, it’s a red flag you’re being scammed. What’s the deal with DextronCoin? How does it work? Let’s take a closer look at the key features and functions of DextronCoin.

How Does DextronCoin Work?

DextronCoin is issuing 30 million DTC tokens. The company is pre-mining 15 million DTC tokens, then selling those tokens during the ICO. Tokens will be sold at $0.65 per DTC during the ICO. The first 1,000 people who purchase during the ICO will be given a DextronCoin card for free.

Why would you purchase DTC? Well, after you own DTC, you can participate in various “investment opportunities” on the platform.

The company claims it will offer users investment opportunities like lending, staking, lotteries, trading, and binary options trading, for example. DextronCoin also claims to have a mining system: they’ll setup a mining pool users can use to dedicate computing power to the blockchain and earn rewards.

DextronCoin makes absurd earning promises to investors: they claim investors can expect returns of 58% per month by participating in the programs above. Furthermore, the company claims income is guaranteed and that there’s no risk: they specifically use words like “guaranteed residual income.”

Obviously, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed, legal investment that pays you 58% returns every month.

Who’s Behind DextronCoin?

After visiting the DextronCoin website for more than 30 seconds, it becomes very obvious that this is a scam. The company makes absurd promises about its future potential. They also lure investors with promises of guaranteed income – despite the fact that they have no product in place. In fact, DextronCoin doesn’t even appear to have any products in development whatsoever.

Once you read the DextronCoin team section, however, it becomes even more obvious that this is a big scam. The company appears to have stolen images from other websites to build its team section. These images are stolen, then used under fake names.

A man named “Charles Petagail”, for example, is listed as a Managing Director. Ji-Ae L. is listed as the financial advisor, and Philip Stinchcomb is listed as Senior Tech Developer. None of these people can be found online. In fact, they don’t see to exist whatsoever.

The website doesn’t link to any social media profiles for any of these people, nor does it mention any previous work experience from any individual – so it’s impossible to confirm their background.

Ultimately, when a company is vague about its team section, or uses fake images and names in its team section, it’s a sign you’re dealing with a scam.

There’s no way to contact DextronCoin or the team. The company doesn’t provide any address information or contact information.

The DextronCoin DTC ICO Token Sale

If you feel like donating money to what is almost certainly a scam, then you can participate in the upcoming DextronCoin token sale. The pre-ICO is underway throughout January and February 2018. Then, a main ICO takes place on February 15. DextronCoin is selling its token for $0.65 during the ICO. You’re required to purchase a minimum of 50 tokens.

DextronCoin DTC ICO Conclusion

When a company claims to pay you 58% returns every month along with “guaranteed residual income”, but refuses to disclose their contact information or real identities, it’s a sign you’re dealing with a scam.

DextronCoin has all of the red flags we associate with an ICO scam. The company posts no real team information online (they appear to use fake profiles and names). They have no details about their business model. Despite the lack of any real product, the company claims investors can expect returns of 58% every 30 days.

For all of these reasons and more, DextronCoin is one crypto scam you should probably avoid.

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