Diamond Horse Investment Group goal is to change how cryptographic assets and currencies are traded. The Diamond horse family will have a wide range of investment techniques to deliver the best returns to the currency holders. Every investment strategy will have undergone thorough research before being recommended for any Diamond Horse Investment Fund CBC.

The crypto backed currency (CBC) is a concept used in cryptographic currencies where investors can expose their portfolio to different crypto assets, contracts, and currencies. CBC employs the same principles as their fiat counterpart-the EFT except that the former can be used to buy goods and services. Diamond Horse CBCs are available in crypto marketplaces and ignore customary fiat markets. They invest in crypto.

Why Invest in the $DHP token

$DHP is the Diamond Horse Investment Group token that is a representation of the group’s performance-based portfolio. The $DHP moves in line with the movement of the currency and assets the group holds. The advantages of holding $DHP include:


When investors hold $DHP they give their portfolio indirect exposure to the coins within the $DHP portfolio. This gives the investor more diversification in their holdings.

Ease of Entry

For those investors who are just getting into crypto investing, it can be hard to research and choose the most meaningful projects that will survive and give the investor good returns as the crypto market evolves. The $DHP provides a pre-built portfolio that has many assets that are well chosen and that the teams feel that they will provide investors with good returns.

diamond horse performance

Socially Engaged

Investors can engage with the team and with each other through multiple social platforms provided by Diamond Horse Investment Group. The platforms also provide updates on the latest happenings within the existing portfolios. The group also provides quarterly newsletters that provide an in-depth look at all the existing holdings and the overall health of the fund.

Mitigates Risks

$DHP allows investors to cut down the risk of failure of new projects where in most instances token holders lose all their funds. In case a project with the Diamond Horse investment group fails, the token $DHP does not. This loss will be replaced and recovered. This provides investors of $DHP with security for their investment portfolios.

Dedicated Team

The team at Diamond Horse Investment Group is the backbone of this platform. They perform thorough research in all the different types of cryptographic projects and determine if they are the right addition to the group portfolio. They do an analysis of each project and determine how and why each of the projects exist in the blockchain ecosystem and how the market will react to this project.

Token $DHP Sale

The $DHP token sale will start on 16th June 2018 and end on 7th July 2018. 10,000,000 tokens will be made available. Each token is valued at 1 ETH=4000 DHP

You can earn free $DHP tokens by taking part in the Diamond Horse Investment Group airdrop. The airdrop tokens will be dispersed on 7th July 2018. Each of the participants will receive 1000 $DHP. To be eligible for the free tokens you will need to like, follow, and share the platform in one of their social media pages.

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