The Diamond Hands Club is a gentleman’s game; some may refer to it as a pyramid scheme. Therefore, it is for those who are hungry to invest. It has been built on the Ethereum Blockchain platform.

You buy tokens which will be sold at the current sale price. Later on, this will be converted into dividends, just like any other investment. You have an option to reinvest your dividends to tokens or just cash out and enjoy the profits. To enjoy the dividends, you just withdraw the balance to your Ethereum wallet.

If you are here to learn more about this gentleman’s club, then you have come to the right place, read on as we take you through the various aspects to expect when in the club.

How Does DiamondHandsClub Work?

How the club works is the first question in an investors mind. The club is made of several members. When a member sells or buys a token, there is a 10% fee that is distributed to all the current token members.

This, in turn, encourages members to hold onto their tokens offering strong FOMO/FUD protection. The early investors within the club are able to buy a more substantial proportion of the available supply; when you get in early, you can buy as much as you can.

So when you buy early and hold onto your investment through the bumps and dumps, you will be able to enjoy the dividends at the end of it.

Is DiamondHandsClub Secure?

The team behind the club have put in several hours in coding work and continuous testing of the system. This is to ensure the tokens that you have purchased are safe. Not to mention the internal functions are not made available to the end user.

How To Play DiamondHandsClub

To get started in the club, you will need to install MetaMask, then purchase some Ethereum, probably from a platform called Coinbase. The Ethereum in your wallet will be used to buy tokens which shall be converted based on the current price at the time of purchase.

When confirming a transaction ensure to have a high-enough-gas price. This will secure you from drastic changes in price while your purchase is still in progress. Once the transaction is completed your wallet is immediately updated to reflect the number of tokens that you currently own.

Note, when you are cashing out the buy or sell will drop afterward which will decrease the value of your coins plus the members of the club.

If you would like to sell your coins just click on the sell tokens option on your screen and these are instantly transferred to your dividends balance in Ethereum form. But remember you can always reinvest your dividends to the Diamond hands club by selecting the reinvest option.

There are also no restrictions if you would like to cash out. There is a withdraw option, once you click on it just follow the prompts that appear. It is to ensure investing is made easy for you.

Is DiamondHandsClub Token An Ideal Option?

The Diamond hands club is apparently out to offer its hungry investor many benefits. But with the various developments taking place in smart contracts and Blockchain technology, only time will tell if the program has what it takes. In this case, our advice would be to approach this particular type of investment with caution, just to ensure your money is not exposed to unnecessary risks.

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