Diamond Reward

As many of us might be aware of by now, the value of Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies have risen exponentially within the past year. As a result of this, there are now hundreds of lending programs that are now available in the market today for casual investors to avail of. However, when choosing such a scheme, it is important to be sure that the project we are putting our money into is legit, and has been verified by other sources/ users.

What Is DiamondReward?

In its basic essence, Diamondreward can be thought of as a “bitcoin prototype” that is also meant to serve as a decentralized, peer to peer digital coin. It runs exclusively on the blockchain, and is thus free of any third party interference and control. Other key aspects of this currency include:

Open Source:

The code which governs the platform is open source based, and thus independent developers can check out the architectural structure of DiamondReward and use it to create their very own cryptocurrency.

Instant Transfers:

All monetary transactions that are conducted via the use of this currency are done in an instant, safe manner. It doesn't matter where the money has to be sent, all transactions (large or small) are completed within a matter of seconds (as opposed to bank transfers that can take anywhere between 3-5 days).


The platform also allows users to to store their money in a completely discreet and secure manner. Via the use of the company’s native digital wallet, customers are able to keep their funds safe from any third party meddlers.

Why Choose DiamondReward New Type Of P2P Blockchain?


When using DiamondRewards, users have the ability to make use of various lending schemes that have been designed to reap handsome returns, within strictly defined time periods.


The currency will be made available for trade on all major crypto exchanges. This is a good options for some, especially for people who wish to earn money on a regular basis, via the use of day trading options.


Another avenue that can be used to reap steady ROI’s with DiamondReward is that of staking.


Through the use of specialized mining apps, customers have an option to procure native tokens that can then either be used to secure monetary incentives or for making other investments.

Affiliate Program:

There is also an affiliate program that users can benefit from. It is designed to help provide customers with daily returns on their investments.

DiamondReward DMR ICO Details

According to the information we have gathered from the company’s whitepaper, we have found that the Diamondreward crowdfunding phase will start on 5th January 2018. The platform will be making use of its own token, and will be called DMR.

In all, there will be a total of 9 million coins that will be made available during the crowdsale. This sale will be divided into 6 different phases, each of whom will provide users with various rewards and bonuses.

At this stage, it should also be mentioned that during the ICO, a minimum purchase of 50 DMR needs to be made (the maximum purchase amount per user is 2000 DMR per day). At the end of the sale, all unsold tokens will be burnt.

As mentioned earlier, the various phases that users can avail of include

  • Phase 1: during this period, there will be a total of 2,000,000 that will be available for purchase. The price per token during this period will be maintained as: 1DMR = 0.70USD.
  • Phase 2: during this period, 1,800,000 DMR will be available. The token price will be maintained at 1DMR = 0.80USD.
  • Phase 3: total tokens available will be 1,600,000. The price will be maintained at the following rate: 1DMR = 0.85USD.
  • Phase 4: total tokens available during this period will be 1,400,000. The price will be maintained at 1DMR = 0.90USD.
  • Phase 5: the total tokens available will be 1,200,000. The price will be as follows: 1DMR = 0.95USD.
  • Phase 6: this will be the last sale period. There will be a total of 1,000,000 tokens available. The price will be maintained as follows 1DMR = 1.0USD.

For any further details, customers can get in touch with company officials via email or through the live chat feature.

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