The advances in technology that we are witnessing today are disruptive and revolutionary to every industry. The blockchain technology has been the most talked about as it provides businesses with a platform to develop encrypted digital currency. DIB Funding, Inc. is among the many companies exploring the benefits of blockchain technology and how it can be used to provide them with a viable alternative to the traditional financial exchange. It has developed DIBCOIN, a cryptocurrency that will likely change the way people look at digital currencies. It will be used as a payment method as well as an acceptable token for sale of assets and companies worldwide.

To help you understand what DIBCOIN is all about, let’s dig deeper into the cryptocurrency and learn what it entails.

What Is Dibcoin DIBC Cryptocurrency?

DIBCOIN is basically a cryptocurrency used as a monetary instrument to acquire liquid companies as well as making purchases. It uses the Bitcoin 2.0 protocol open source to enable the creation of DIB Funding Inc. Considering that it utilizes the blockchain technology; DIBCOIN is fully decentralized, meaning that it cannot be influenced by third parties. It’s also safe to use and store.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies in the market, DIBCOIN intends to be more than just a medium of exchange. For starters, the coin is backed by genuine securities in the OTC markets. It’s not subject to changes in value as a result of traditional currencies controlled by Central Banks. Its transactions are also encrypted and just to make them even more secure they are locked in blockchain forever as proof of ownership. Dibcoin is also available to use globally, provided you have access to the internet.

Sunshine Capital Was The First To Use Dibcoin

Companies have already started showing interest in DIBCOIN. Sunshine Capital, Inc. was one of the first firms to announce that it will use the cryptocurrency as a monetary instrument, allowing it to acquire assets and companies, as well as building its portfolio without dilution or debt to existing shareholders. This, according to Sunshine Capital, Inc., will allow it to quickly build profitable assets.

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