The NSA May Have Created Bitcoin… But It’s Classified If They Did It or Not

No one knows the identity or whereabouts of the person or group of people involved in the creation of Bitcoin (BTC), but on more than one occasion it has been rumored that the United States government was behind it.


There are two hypothesis. The first one is that Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin – which can be an unknown individual or group of people. The second one, is related to the possibility that the NSA created the famous virtual currency.

The facts that connect the NSA with the creation of Bitcoin date from the time of Obama's term as president in 2009 (the same year in which the cryptocurrency was created). The exceptional Executive Order 13526 signed by the then president, commissioned:

“For all records related to the participation of the NSA in Bitcoin, either as a consultant or belonging to the research teams involved in its creation.”

The National Security Agency is the main author of the SHA-2, a set of cryptographic hash functions used in Bitcoin (SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512). But the community is considering the question before the SHA-256 if this has a backdoor (security breach).

As such, the SHA-2 is an open algorithm and uses the primary sequential roots of the cube as constants as a “nothing in my sleeve” form, values showing that the constants were not selected to create a backdoor for the algorithm. Everyone who is part of the cryptography community has examined it. Not only all people with a higher degree in mathematics, computer science or cryptography in the last 10 years, but also international intelligence agencies and important financial institutions. And so far, no one has found an error, a defect, not even in theory.

The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) still considers that the SHA-2 is safe and prohibits the use of any other hash algorithm (even with the arrival of the SHA-3 in August 2015). But we do not know how much longer lifespan remains for the SHA-2 family of algorithms from its inception to today. What makes many people think is that if the national security of the United States were to have a flaw or exploit, it would be the fault of the same government agencies, the NSA for leaving the backdoor open and NIST for not allowing the migration to SHA-3 on time.

The writer Roberto Escobar (brother of the famous and controversial Pablo Escobar) has made statements in one of his works where he says that the CIA is behind the creation of Bitcoin and is planning the Greatest scam on a world scale in history:

“There is no backdoor. I never said that. Read my books. The CIA owns $10 billion worth of Bitcoin. Easy. They will sell their coins, crash the market, whenever they feel like it. American government has done this type of game many many times. People will see. They are wrong for investing in this worthless government coin by CIA. They will all lose everything. Soon.”

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